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Robin perched on Kingwood roofing to welcome spring

Kingwood Roof Damage Common in the Spring

We’re all looking forward to warmer temperatures and the fresh start that spring provides, but this new season is not without its threats. Spring is also notorious for severe storms that produce hail, heavy rain, and strong winds known to cause Kingwood storm roof damage. If your Kingwood roofing is already damaged when these strong weather patterns roll through, you could be facing more significant issues and the need for a Kingwood roof replacement in order to properly protect your property from some of these common examples of roof damage seen in the spring.

Examples of Spring Weather Damage to your Kingwood Roofing

Our Houston roof experts warn our customers about these problems and often encourage a Kingwood roof replacement if these issues are uncovered:

Broken or Curling Shingles

Winds are usually the culprit of broken, missing, or curled shingles, which is especially true for Kingwood roofing that is already damaged. Should your roof’s shingles not lay flat against your roof, wind can sweep underneath their surface and lift them up, where they can easily break or curl upward. When this occurs, they cannot be repaired and must be replaced.

Roof Leaks

The force of heavy rain falling on an older or damaged roof can easily lead to Kingwood roof damage like roof leaks. Sometimes roof leaks are easy to spot, while other times leaks can remain hidden until significant damage has already been done in your attic or inside your walls. A roof leak should never be ignored and warrants an immediate call to our Houston roof experts.

Hail Roof Damage

Spring is known for storms that produce hail and our Houston roofers see more hail roof damage in our warmer months than any other time of the year. The impact of hail hitting your roof leaves divots and cracks on your shingles and damages the membrane beneath the top layer of asphalt. Hail roof damage typically results in the need for a full Kingwood roof replacement, especially on older or already-damaged roofs.

Clogged Gutters

We typically think of blocked gutters as a problem in the fall, but spring brings pollen and other potential debris that serves to clog your gutters just as easily. When this occurs, rain water cannot properly flow from your Kingwood roofing and pools instead on the surface of your shingles, causing irreparable roof damage.

Critter Roof Damage

Insects and small animals like squirrels, mice, racoons, and possums are coming out of hibernation and looking for food and new shelter, leading them to your Kingwood roofing. In order to gain access to the interior of your home, they can cause Kingwood roof damage by gnawing and chewing on your roofing structures.

Amstill’s Houston Roofers Can Address Your Kingwood Roof Damage

We’re all ready to usher in the beautiful weather spring is known to provide, but it will be far easier to enjoy this time of year with the assurance that our homes are properly protected from the elements. For this reason, you should contact us to schedule a roof inspection and assess any existing damage so we can recommend the right solution to keep you and your family safe before the first spring storm strikes. Should we determine a Kingwood roof replacement is your best protection against common spring roof damage, you can trust that our Houston roofers will perform the job with expert skill and professionalism.