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Hailstones sitting on Houston roofing surface

It's Hail Season! What Does Houston Roof Hail Damage Look Like

Houstonians are no strangers to severe weather patterns that can change in an instant, and as we move into spring, it’s important to be prepared for season-specific hazards, such as hail. Our Houston roof experts are here to give you peace of mind with free inspections to determine if you need a Houston storm damage roof replacement. If your Houston roofing is already damaged, you’re putting your home at risk when the next severe weather pattern rolls through. This is especially concerning at this time of year, as hail damage is most prevalent in the spring and can be just as destructive as wind and heavy rains, often requiring the need for a Houston roof replacement. 

How Hail Causes Houston Roof Damage

Hail is formed when water drops freeze together in the cold portions of storm clouds. When these frozen drops begin to fall and the storm’s updraft pushes them back into the cloud, another layer of water freezes to this existing hailstone, making it even larger. Eventually, the hailstone will fall to the ground either when it grows too heavy or when the storm’s updraft slows down. If that hail--which can be as large as a softball--falls on your property, it can cause damage significant enough to warrant a Houston roof replacement. 

What Houston Hail Roof Damage Looks Like

One simple way to determine if your Houston roofing sustained hail damage is to see if you notice damage to your vehicle or if your neighbors have storm roof damage. If either of those are indeed the case, it’s time to call our Houston roof experts to schedule a professional free inspection. Our Houston roofer will arrive at your home and thoroughly inspect your roof, looking for signs that you need a Houston hail damage roof replacement. These are the most common signs of hail damage: 

Missing Granules

If a storm produces medium- or large-sized hail, those hailstones can knock the granules from your shingles. Since granules are intended to protect the life of your Houston roofing, it’s important to determine the extent of the damage. If left unaddressed, it could prompt a Houston roof replacement.


The impact of hail hitting your roof can leave marks that are also soft to the touch when pressure is applied. These bruises signal hail roof damage that should not be ignored. 

Divots and Circular Cracking 

One of the most obvious signs of Houston roof damage from hail are divots, which appear as circular shapes from the impact of hail as it smashes the granules on your shingles. This damages the fiberglass layer that lies underneath the protective asphalt layer of your shingle and cannot be repaired, only replaced. 

Call Our Houston Roof Experts To Learn If You Need a Houston Roof Replacement

It’s important that you know how to recognize the signs that point to the need for a Houston hail damage roof replacement. All area residents need to be prepared for the type of hail-producing storms that are common in the spring, and the best way to do so is to call our Houston roof experts today to schedule a free inspection. We’ll assess the extent of any existing storm roof damage and recommend the next steps to protect your property from upcoming weather events. This threat should not be ignored, as hail roof damage can lead to further issues down the road from leaks and the deterioration of shingles, necessitating a Houston roof replacement.