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Every roof requires proper care and maintenance, which is why we offer FREE roof inspections to see if repairs or replacements are needed.


Houston Roof Repair & Maintenance Services

To say that Houston weather can be unpredictable, is an understatement. The combination of intense humidity, heat and extreme weather conditions, such as the hail and tropical storms, can wreak havoc on Houston roofs.

Unfortunately, far too many home owners don't think about the condition of their roofs until it's too late. Your home is your most significant investment. This is why it's so important to detect and repair roofing issues early on before the damage becomes too severe

Amstill Roofing Is Your One-Stop Shop

If you reside within the Greater Houston area and you're looking for a reputable, trustworthy and dependable company for roof repairs or replacement services, be sure to call the professional roofing experts at Amstill Roofing! Family owned and operated, we’ve been helping homeowners and business owners in Greater Houston with their roofing needs since 1974. 

From the first free, no-obligation roof inspection, to the selection of roofing materials, to guidance regarding permits, Amstill Roofing can expertly steer you through the entire repair/replacement process, from start to finish.

Efficient Work & Superior Materials

We pride ourselves on our efficiency - about 90% of our repairs can be completed in just one day.  We source our materials from trustworthy, time-tested manufacturers. And as an authorized distributor, we’re able to provide contractor-level pricing to our customers.  We pass on our savings directly to you!

The following is a list of just a few of the services we offer for both residential and commercial roofing:

  • Emergency roof repair
  • Roof replacements
  • Leaky roofs
  • FREE, no-obligation inspections
  • Advocacy with home insurance companies

What Should I Do if I Think My Roof Has Weather Damage?

Weather/hail damage is very difficult to assess from the ground.  If you think that your home might have been affected by recent hailstorms, call Amstill Roofing today to schedule a free and honest inspection - there is NO obligation.  Once the level of damage incurred has been determined, call your home insurance company to request a visit from an adjuster. If you prefer, we can even ensure that our own expert inspector is present during the insurance adjuster’s visit to ensure that you receive FULL compensation for any damages present - just call us to make the arrangements. 

Let Amstill Roofing Get to Work for You

Roof Repair & Maintenance

Flexible Payment Plans

If you need financial assistance, please do not hesitate to call us. We can walk you through the process whether its using your insurance or arranging your financial application.

Financing Options
Roof Inspection

Roof Inspection

We offer free roof inspections to evaluate the integrity and condition of your roof. Contact us to schedule your free roof repair inspection!

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