DaVinci FAQ

As a certified DaVinci roofing installer in Texas, we receive several questions about the materials that will go on our customers’ roofs. These are our most frequently asked questions:

There are many reasons why engineered slate and shake roofing by DaVinci is so desirable

  • Thicker: Slate and shake tiles are twice as thick as other engineered roof tiles, ensuring greater durability and similarity to natural slate and shake
  • Multi-Width: DaVinci Slate and Shake roof tiles give you the option of installing various widths to create a varied pattern and a nicer aesthetic
  • Single-Width: For those who may forgo a tile pattern, single-width roof tiles are also available. These feature a patented leading edge tab and a self-aligning ledge, which ensures quick installation

Natural Colors: DaVinci tiles are incredibly appealing for a Houston roof replacement because they are engineered to mimic natural slate and shake. This means their various color options are also natural, allowing you to enjoy a custom roof appearance