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Homeowner collecting water from Houston roof leak

Cost of Houston Roof Leak Repairs

Roof leaks are an understandable cause for concern when they spring up unexpectedly, leaving homeowners scrambling to stop the leak, collect the water, and schedule the repairs needed to prevent further damage. Another reason roof leaks bring undue stress is that the cost to repair them varies greatly. Keep reading to understand how much Houston roof leak repairs cost and what you can do when they occur.

Causes of Houston Roof Leaks

Leaks are caused by an opening somewhere in your Houston roofing, usually thanks to loosened roof shingles, punctures from windblown debris, animals or insects that have burrowed or chewed into your attic, and/or poorly installed roof shingles. If ignored, leaks and the roof damage they cause will only worsen over time, often necessitating a premature Houston roof replacement. 

Address a Leak as Soon as It Occurs

If you notice a leak, an immediate call to our Houston roof experts should be one of the first things you do. We will make our way to your house as soon as possible and solve the problem before it creates additional Houston roof leak damage. While you wait for us to arrive, you want to do your best to collect the water using whatever you can find, such as bowls, stockpots, or outdoor trash/recycling bins if the leak is large.

If you see bulging anywhere in the walls, poke a small hole in the middle to drain the water. This may seem an unlikely solution, but it gives you a chance to collect the water before it tears through your entire wall and causes more costly damage. While a Houston roof leak can be stressful, try your best to remain calm so you can control the situation with a level head until our experts arrive and assess the extent of any Houston roof damage.

The Cost of Houston Roof Leak Repair 

The national average cost for roof leak repair falls between $400-$1,000, but can be as much as $8,000 depending on the location, type, and extent of the damage caused. If your leak caused serious roof damage, we may recommend a full Houston roof replacement instead of repairs, as the difference in cost could be nominal, thereby making the most of your money and offering you the peace of mind that a new roof can provide. The best way to truly know the cost of your Houston roof leak repair is the receive a free inspection and estimate from our Houston roof experts, who will make the best recommendations for your home and situation.

Trust Amstill with you Houston Roof Leak Repair

Thanks to 47 years of experience, we’ve seen all manner of roof leaks and know how to identify them, assess the damage they cause, and provide you with expert advice for repair or Houston roof replacement. We know this issue can be stressful, especially if the leak has caused interior damage in addition to Houston roof damage, but that is why we’re here to provide the peace of mind that comes with professional, knowledgeable service. Call our Houston roof experts to schedule your free inspection and estimate today so you can rest easy tomorrow.