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Spring TX roofing showing signs of wind roof damage

Signs of Spring TX Roof Wind Damage

Winter is on its way out and warmer weather is on the horizon. With a new season comes the threat of storms that are often accompanied by strong winds that pose a threat to your Spring TX roofing. With this in mind, it is more important than ever to schedule a seasonal roof inspection by our Houston roofing company to assess how much damage your roof has sustained and if a Spring TX roof replacement is necessary. In this article, we will discuss some signs that your roof is exhibiting roof damage and needs our attention.

Signs Of Spring TX Roof Wind Damage

Wind can damage your Spring TX roofing in a number of ways.These are some of the most common types of roof wind damage that require our Houston roof experts’ attention.

Curling Roof Shingles

One of the most obvious signs of wind damage is curled shingles. Unfortunately, many homeowners can’t see this problem from the ground, which is why a professional roof inspection is so important. If left unaddressed, curling roof shingles will fly off and tear other roof shingles off right along with them. Luckily, our Houston roof experts can determine the extent of storm damage before these curling shingles are ripped off completely when the next storm rolls through, leaving bald spots and warranting a premature Spring TX roof replacement. 

Asphalt Granules in Your Gutter

Older roofs are even more susceptible to wind damage, as these already-worn shingles may have also been damaged by hail. As these shingles further deteriorate, the top asphalt layer wears away, leaving bald spots that expose your home to significant interior damage. One of the surest ways to determine if this is occurring is to check your gutters for signs of the granules that make up this top asphalt layer. They may not look like much, but they are the first line of defense against storm damage, and once they’re gone, your only recourse is a complete Spring TX roof replacement.

Damaged Chimney Flashing 

Chimney flashing is a strip of metal that protects the gap between your chimney and roof line by preventing water from entering your home. You may be able to tell if your roof has sustained wind damage by checking to see if your chimney flashing is dislodged or damaged. Older Spring TX roofing is more likely to have unstable or loose chimney flashing, making it easier for wind to shift it out of place and allow water into your home. Our Houston roofers can help you determine if your chimney flashing needs repair or if it’s so damaged that it’s caused other issues to your roof and a full Spring TX roof replacement is in order.

Amstill Can Address Your Spring TX Roof Wind Damage 

The longer you ignore existing roof wind damage, the worse it becomes and the less protected your property will be against the elements. Curling shingles, missing asphalt granules, and damaged chimney flashing can expose the interior of your home to water infiltration or roof leaks. If you think your roof may have suffered wind damage or you want to ensure its protected from the increased risk that comes this time of year, contact our Houston roof experts so we can perform a roof inspection and determine if your home needs a Spring TX roof replacement. We look forward to providing the protection you and your home deserve.