The New Year is the Perfect Time to Get Your Houston Roof Inspected

The New Year is the Perfect Time to Get Your Houston Roof Inspected

Now that it’s a brand new year and the holidays have been thoroughly enjoyed, it is a great time for a roof inspection. Throughout the duration of 2019, your roof has endured rain damage, wind damage, storm damage, and has held up the weight of holiday decorations while keeping you and your family warm and safe inside. After all of that, the start of 2020 is the perfect time to get a free roof inspection.

How Often Should You Get Your Houston Roof Inspected?

With the new year comes new year’s resolutions, and for our customers, one of those resolutions may be to take better care of the home, remodel, or redecorate it to help modernize it. In order to keep your house looking its best, we recommend you request an inspection twice a year; once in the spring, and a second time in the fall.

Inspecting during these seasons gives our roofers a good idea of how much your roof endured in the more extreme seasons, and how much your roof will withstand the upcoming weather conditions as we transition to spring and then summer. If you didn’t get a roof inspection in the fall, however, you can still request one with us now, especially if you feel your roof has undergone a lot of damage and/or your shingle warranty has expired.

What Does Amstill Roofing Look for in Our Inspections?

There are many signs that your Houston roof has undergone damage. Sometimes they are subtle enough that less experienced eyes may overlook, but these subtle signs can still result in significant damage and repair bills if left unaddressed.

The signs we look for include:

  • Shingle curling
  • Missing shingles
  • Buckling shingles or dips in the rooftop
  • Loose/cracked flashing and shingles
  • Missing shingle granules

No two roofs are alike. Each one has different contours and layouts, so each indicator will give us insight on what further damage your roof might undergo. How much of the roof is affected and how severe the damage is will determine whether a roof repair will suffice, or if a roof replacement is necessary and urgent.

Amstill Roofing Inspects Your Houston Roof for Free

If you would like to find out if you are in need of a roof repair or a full roof replacement, please contact us so we can schedule our inspection. We look forward to ensuring your family is protected for the next several years.