Storm Damage

copperfield place roof leak being collected in a bucket

How to Handle a Copperfield Place Roof Leak

An emergency Houston roof leak in the middle of a storm is quite alarming. As hurricane season nears, it’s a good idea to know how to handle a Copperfield Place roof leak in the event that you’re faced with one. Keep reading for our best tips on quickly addressing the issue, as well as what our Houston roofers can do to help.

What Causes A Copperfield Place Roof Leak?

Roof leaks can have a number of causes, including:

  • Roof shingles that have loosened due to the wind
  • Wind-blown debris puncturing your roof shingles
  • Critter roof damage
  • Poorly installed roof shingles

Left untreated, this roof damage will only get worse, often necessitating a premature Copperfield Place roof replacement if roof repairs don’t suffice.

If You Spot A Copperfield Place Roof Leak, Deal With It Right Away!

If you notice a roof leak, please immediately contact our Houston roof experts. We will make our way to your house as soon as possible and solve the problem before it creates additional Copperfield Place roof leak damage. While you wait for us to arrive, here’s what you can do to control the leak:

  • Control the leak with stockpots, bowls, any buckets you may have, or even your trash and recycle bins
  • If you see bulging anywhere in the walls, it helps to poke a small hole in the middle to let the water gradually drain. Otherwise, the water could burst through the wall and cause even more costly damage. 
  • Most importantly: don’t panic! This may be a stressful situation, but it’s best to remain calm so you can be proactive about handling the leak until our experts arrive and assess the extent of your Copperfield Place roof damage.

Finding the Source of Your Copperfield Place Roof Leak

Figuring out exactly where your leak came from is often the most difficult part. Just because the water is coming from a corner in your walls doesn't necessarily mean that the leak formed there. If you can figure it out, that’s great! But if not, rest assured that with over 45 years of experience, we can determine the source of the leak and the extent of your Houston roof leak damage with a free inspection.

Amstill Roofing Offers Copperfield Place Roofing Services If You Discover A Roof Leak

Dealing with a roof leak in time is critical. If you discover a leak, please contact our Houston roof experts so we can quickly address it and conduct a thorough Copperfield Place roof inspection. This will give us a chance to assess the level of damage your roof has sustained and determine if you need a Copperfield Place roof replacement or some repairs to fix the damage to your structure.

Homeowner holds handful of hailstones that can cause Fresno, TX hail roof damage

Signs of Fresno, TX Hail Roof Damage

Did you know that hail can be one of the most destructive forces of nature when it comes to the longevity of your roof? Did you also know Fresno, TX hail roof damage is most common in the spring and early summer? For that reason, you need to be aware of what Fresno hail roof damage looks like, or else it could go unnoticed and put your home at risk. Here, we discuss the reasons hail can be so devastating and how you can recognize signs of hail damage that may warrant a roof replacement. 

The Basics of Fresno, TX Hail Roof Damage

Hail is formed when water drops freeze together in the cold portions of storm clouds. These frozen drops grow heavier, then begin to fall before the storm’s updraft pushes them back into the cloud. When that happens, another layer of water freezes to this existing hailstone, making it even larger. Eventually, the storm’s updraft slows down or the hailstone grows too heavy and it falls to the ground. Hailstones can grow quite large—as large as a softball!---which can do some serious damage to your Fresno, TX roofing. The sheer impact, even of smaller hailstones, is known to cause enough damage to require a Fresno, TX roof replacement.

Recognizing Fresno, TX Hail Roof Damage

Without the assistance and knowledge of a professional Houston roofer, it can be difficult to spot Fresno, TX hail roof damage. A good rule of thumb is to see if your vehicle sustained hail damage or you find that your neighbors have hail roof damage, as that’s usually a sign that your Fresno, TX roofing has, too. Our team of Houston roof experts can perform a professional roof inspection to determine if that is indeed the case by looking for the following signs of Fresno, TX hail roof damage:

  • Divots and circular cracking: Hail usually leaves divots, which are circular shapes of missing granules that form from the impact hail makes when it falls on your shingles. This damages the fiberglass layer that lies underneath the protective asphalt layer of your shingle and cannot be repaired, resulting in the need for a Fresno, TX roof replacement.
  • Missing granules: Hail’s impact removes the protective granules from your Fresno, TX roofing. Therefore, it’s important to determine the extent of the damage by looking closely at the shingles themselves as well as your gutters for evidence of loose granules.
  • Bruising: Similar to divots in appearance, bruises are slightly different in that they are also soft to the touch when pressure is applied. These bruises are caused by the impact of hail on your shingles and signal Fresno, TX hail roof damage that should not be ignored. 

Erase Hail Roof Damage with a Fresno, TX Roof Replacement

If you’ve experienced recent hail-producing storms, our Houston roof experts are happy to provide a free inspection to assess the extent of your Fresno, TX hail roof damage. Depending on our findings, we’ll provide you with the recommended next steps to protect your property. While repairs are possible in some cases, hail typically damages your roof enough to warrant a Fresno, TX roof replacement. Call our team to schedule your appointment and protect your home from further damage.

Spring rain falls on umbrella, signaling the threat of spring weather Katy roof damage

Common Signs of Spring Roof Damage in Katy, TX

Our Houston roof experts are especially busy in the spring, as there are unique threats to the season that result in Katy roof damage more than during other months of the year. Hail and strong winds are known to cause Katy, TX roof damage and occur more frequently in the spring, so you need to be aware of what this damage looks like and how you can address it. And if your roof is older and/or already damaged, spring roof damage could mean it’s time for a Katy, TX roof replacement. Keep reading to get an idea of what to look for and how our Houston roofers can help! 

Katy, TX Roof Damage Common in the Spring

If our Houston roof experts see these issues, it may be time for a Katy, TX roof replacement:

Katy, TX Shingle Damage

Strong winds that come during spring weather fronts or storms can cause your shingles to break, bend, crack, or curl. That’s especially true if your Katy, TX roofing has already sustained damage or if it’s been more than 10 years since your last Katy roof replacement, as this makes it easier for winds to whip underneath shingles and damage them beyond repair. 

Katy, TX Hail Roof Damage

Hail is common in the spring months, when warm air close to the Earth’s surface collides with frigid air high up in the atmosphere. As a result, our Houston roof experts see a great deal of hail roof damage this time of year, which usually requires the need for a full Katy roof replacement. If you see divots or circular cracks on your shingles, it’s time to call our Houston roof experts to come out and perform a professional roof inspection. The good news is that many homeowners insurance company policies cover all or some of the cost of correcting hail roof damage, so check your policy to see what’s covered.

Katy, TX Roof Leaks

Sometimes spring storms seem to come out of nowhere, dropping rain quickly and heavily. Should you have an opening somewhere on your roof, this rain can easily cause a leak. Moreover, if heavy rain has a chance to pool in any low spots in your Katy roofing, the weight alone could lead to a leak. If this happens, don’t panic! But do call our Houston roof experts to come out and find the source of the leak as soon as possible. 

Katy, TX Critter Roof Damage

Pests, insects, and critters will seek refuge or nest in your attic, gaining access by gnawing and chewing on your roofing structures. If you hear noises coming from your attic or see other signs of critter roof damage, you need to determine a way to remove the pest and assess the damage they caused to your Katy roofing as well as the interior of your home. Our Houston roofers can come out and help you identify critters’ access points, as well, ensuring they don’t return. 

Trust Amstill with Your Katy Roof Damage This Spring

Whether your Katy, TX  roofing is nearing the end of its lifespan or you’re seeing the aforementioned signs of Katy spring weather roof damage, a professional roof inspection is the best line of defense against further problems. Call us to schedule an appointment for this service before summer heats up. We’ll do our part to protect your home and keep your family safe this season!

Shingles blown off due to Houston wind roof damage

Has the Wind Damaged Your Houston Roof System?

Spring storms have been relatively common and severe the past few months, and hurricane season will be here sooner than we realize. This means you should assess any storm damage with a professional roof inspection from our Houston roof experts, who can determine if a Houston roof replacement is necessary to protect your home. It’s important that you don’t wait too long to correct any issues we discover, as your property could be at risk for catastrophic Houston wind roof damage that may result in a premature Houston roof replacement.

Wind Damage to Your Houston Roof Is a Serious Problem

Wind, especially heavy bursts of wind that accompany severe thunderstorms, can send branches, trash, or other loose items on your property swirling and allow them to make contact with your Houston roofing. This debris may puncture your shingles, causing water leaks that soak your Houston roofing insulation, lead to wood rot, and even flow through your attic and ceiling, damaging the interior of your home. Houston wind damage isn’t easy to spot without a professional roof inspection and leaks are known to exist without many homeowners realizing their presence until they’ve already caused significant problems.

Identifying Houston Roof Wind Damage

These are the most common signs of wind damage to your Houston roofing:

Curling Roof Shingles

Curling shingles are usually the most obvious sign of wind damage and are caused by heavy winds blowing underneath the shingles and lifting them upwards. Older Houston roofing is more susceptible to this type of wind roof damage, as the shingles may already be somewhat curled due to age or prior damage. Curling shingles can easily rip off completely and leave bald spots that expose your roof decking to the elements. This can necessitate a complete Houston roof replacement.

Asphalt Granules in Your Gutter

The shingles that make up your Houston roof system are covered in tiny granules that protect them from the harsh elements of wind, sun, rain, and hail. When shingles age or incur damage, these granules break down and will filter into your gutter as rain falls. A roof inspection with our Houston roof experts may help you catch it early. If left too long, you’ll likely need a Houston roof replacement.

Damaged Chimney Flashing 

Chimney flashing prevents water from entering your home by closing the space between the roof and chimney. It is commonly made up of a thin metal, such as aluminum, which can bend during times of heavy wind. These winds can also cause the flashing to dislodge or become unsealed, opening the gap it’s intended to cover and leading to water infiltration. 

Our Houston Roofers Can Address Houston Roofing Wind Damage

The longer wind roof damage is left unnoticed and unaddressed, the worse it can become . Issues like those mentioned above—curling shingles, missing asphalt granules, and damaged chimney flashing—put your home at risk for the possibility of leaks and moisture damage. If you believe your home may have suffered storm damage or wind damage, then please contact our Houston roof experts for a free roof inspection. After assessing the level of damage, we may recommend a Houston roof replacement. Protect your home from further Houston wind damage with Amstill!

Spring rain falls on a colorful umbrella, signaling the threat of spring weather Houston roof damage

How Spring Weather Damages Your Houston Roof

While summer is on the horizon, we still have plenty of spring weather and the storms that accompany this season. That means you need to remain vigilant for signs of Houston spring roof damage caused by hail, strong winds, and heavy rain. This is even more important if your Houston roofing is already damaged when these strong weather patterns roll through, as your roof cannot offer the protection it’s intended to provide. It’s best to be aware of the types of roof damage our Houston roofers see most often during the spring months. That way, if you need Houston roof repairs or a Houston roof replacement, it can be completed before more damage occurs. 

Examples of Houston Spring Weather Roof Damage 

Our Houston roof experts warn our customers about these problems and often encourage a Houston roof replacement if these issues are uncovered:

Shingle Damage

Broken, missing, or curled shingles, are typically caused by strong winds. If your Houston roofing is already damaged, it’s easier for winds to whip underneath shingles and then easily break them or cause them to curl upward. When this occurs, they cannot be repaired. A professional roof inspection can determine whether your Houston roofing has already sustained this damage and if a Houston roof replacement is necessary. 

Hail Roof Damage

Hail roof damage occurs more frequently in the spring, when the air close to the earth’s surface is warm, but the air high up in the storm clouds is still cold. Hail roof damage typically results in the need for a full Houston roof replacement due the sheer force with which hail hits your Houston roofing. Upon impact, hail leaves divots and cracks on your shingles and damages the membrane beneath the top layer of asphalt, rendering your shingles damaged beyond repair.

Roof Leaks

Usually caused by heavy rains falling and then collecting in a low spot on your roof, leaks can be catastrophic. Sometimes roof leaks are easy to spot, but sometimes they can remain hidden until you notice water dripping from a ceiling or trickling down your walls. If you notice a roof leak, call our Houston roof experts right away to prevent it from damaging the interior of your home further.

Critter Roof Damage

Spring is mating season for many small animals and pests, and many will seek refuge in your attic to nest and reduce exposure to the elements. Critters can cause Houston roof damage by gnawing and chewing on your roofing structures in an effort to gain access to the attic underneath, so be diligent about attic noises or noticeable signs of a pest problem.

Trust Amstill to Correct Your Houston Roof Damage this Spring

Whether your Houston roofing is old and worn or you believe you’ve sustained Houston spring weather roof damage, a professional roof inspection is the best way to identify and address your roof’s condition. Call our Houston roofers to schedule this important maintenance item so you can rest easy knowing your home is protected from the elements.