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Houston Roof Repairs If You Have Experienced Fall Wind Damage

Houston Roof Repairs If You Have Experienced Fall Wind Damage

Houston may not be the windy city, but we do get our fair share of aggressive winds during the fall when storm season takes place, as well as in the winter when it gets colder outside. These occasional fall winds, though, can be very damaging. Here’s how.

How Can Wind Damage Your Houston Roof?

When it comes to wind damage, most of it has to do with debris. Strong enough winds can toss around garbage and your seasonal lawn decor, which can end up on your roof and puncture it. A punctured rooftop also allows outside air to seep into your home, which will leave you with a hiked up energy bill.

Some of our customers overlook the fact that excessive wind can make shingles more prone to coming loose and blowing away. Once one shingle is lost, it’s quite easy for the neighboring shingles to blow away as well, and missing too many shingles exposes your roof to structural damage, water damage, rot, and even mold.

Weaker winds can blow leaves and twigs onto your roof that collect in your gutters, weighing them down and clogging them. Gutters are meant to collect rainwater so that it can flow away from your home. When gutters are clogged they can’t do their job, and instead, the rainwater settles and creates a breeding ground for bacteria and mold. To make matters worse, if the water level gets too high, then it will have no choice but to flow back into the roof shingles, which can very quickly cause buckling, breakage, and leaks.

Get a Free Seasonal Roof Inspection

A sure way to find out if your house has sustained wind damage is by contacting us for a free roof inspection. When we conduct our inspection, we will carefully check the integrity of your roof and determine if a repair is needed.

Amstill Roofing Is Here for all Your Roof Repair Needs

If after we complete a roof inspection we determine that a repair is necessary in order to keep your roof lasting for years to come, then we will discuss financing options and schedule a repair day. With our experienced crew, we can complete most repairs within a single day.