What Our Houston Roofers Look For During a Roof Inspection

What Our Houston Roofers Look For During a Roof Inspection

Getting a Houston roof inspection is the best preventative measure you can take to ensure your roof is in good condition. Because you want to be sure that your roof provides you, your family, and the rest of your home’s structure what the right protection, it’s important to regularly get an inspection. We recommend getting your roof inspected at least twice a year because this helps us catch any signs that you may need a roof repair or a roof replacement before the problem becomes excessively costly and puts you at risk.

What Do Roofers Look For When Inspecting a Houston Roof?

There are many signs that your Houston roof has been damaged. Some are subtle, and some are impossible to miss. When you seek Amstill Roofing’s help with an inspection, rest assured that we will catch even the subtlest signs of damage and make appropriate recommendations.

How Old Your Roof Is

We may first ask you about the age of your roof, since a Houston roof lasts 20 years on average. If you’ve had your roof for longer, chances are it’s about time we do a full replacement. Often, roof rot indicates that it’s time for a brand new roof, 

The Condition of Your Shingles

It’s dangerous to inspect your roof yourself if you lack the proper training and equipment. Our team’s eyes have been working on roofs for over 40 years, so they have seen just about any and all signs of roof damage. The following signs of damage your shingles may show include:

Curling or Buckling Shingles

Roof shingles should lay flat on your roof when intact and properly installed. Corner shingles are more prone to curling and flying off, especially during Houston’s hurricane season. Unfortunately, this creates a chain reaction; once one shingle is loose, the adjacent shingles also become loose and compromise your roof.

We refer to buckling shingles as those that have a dip in them. When shingles have dipped or buckled, they are severely weakened. This does not help keep precipitation away from your roof, which makes room for leaks.

Cracked Shingles and Flashing

Flashing, otherwise known as chimney flashing, essentially acts as a seal between the roof and your chimney. If this is cracked, it’s very easy for water to seep into your home, causing leaks that can become severe. Similarly, cracked shingles may also open up crevices for water to make its way into your home.

Contact Our Houston Roofers For a Free Roof Inspection

Our roof inspections are free because we understand there shouldn’t be any obstacle that prevents you from knowing the state of your roof. If you wish to know the condition of your roof, please contact us for your next roof inspection. We’ll ensure your roof maintains its integrity and protects you.