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Windy tropical storm weather in Houston

What Does A Tropical Storm Mean For Your Tomball Roof?

An active hurricane season brings plenty of tropical storms. Excessive tropical storms and hurricanes mean that extensive wind damage and rain damage can impact your Tomball roof. Will you need Tomball roof repairs or a Tomball roof replacement? Here is what tropical storms mean for your roof.

Tropical Storm Winds Can Cause Severe Tomball Roof Damage

One of the primary concerns homeowners have toward tropical storm winds is that they effortlessly toss around all of the debris lying around your front and back-yards. Such debris includes garbage, branches, and even lawn decorations or furniture. When tossed around, this debris tends to puncture your roofing shingles, which creates an opening for a leak to form. Debris may also wind up in your gutters, blocking them from adequately driving water away from your structure. You can read more about the importance of your roof gutters here.

Another concern is that, when tropical storm-force winds blow across your roof, they break the bond between your shingles and the underlying deck. This causes a chain reaction in which all of the adjacent shingles will also come loose, which exposes the underlying foundation to water damage and rot.

Tropical Storms Encourage Roof Rain Damage

Rainwater can be just as damaging as tropical storm winds are. Heavy rains are notorious for wearing down your roof. Over time, if you never completed Tomball roof repairs, your roof shingles may soften and sag, which will let rainwater pool and worsen the existing damage. Depending on what type of roofing you have, your roof may be able to withstand between 15-50 years of damage, but on average, Tomball roofs last about 15 years before a Tomball roof replacement is necessary. 

Rain is especially damaging when coupled with storm winds, as winds can lift shingles, and moisture from the rain may become trapped and rot the entire structure, damaging your Tomball roof insulation and creating a breeding ground for mold and bacteria.

Amstill Roofing Is Here For All Your Tomball Roofing Needs

Whether you simply need a roof inspection, some Tomball roof repairs, or a full Tomball roof replacement, Amstill is proud to help ensure your family’s safety this hurricane season. To determine if you need to get any roof work done, please contact us for a free Tomball roof inspection so we can assess the level of damage your roof currently faces.