Storm Damage News

kingwood texas roof being hit by heavy rain and wind

Can Your Kingwood Roof Withstand The Weather

Houston is no stranger to hurricanes and tropical storms. Although we have, fortunately, not experienced any devastating storms yet this year, it’s best to be proactive and prepared in the event that this highly active hurricane season brings a storm our way. One of the best ways to be prepared is by ensuring you have a healthy roof over your home, as this is your home’s first line of defense against extreme winds and rain.

Check On Your Roof With A Kingwood Roof Inspection

Kingwood roof damage that results from the summer heat is no joke, and neither is the storm damage our roofs are subject to every year. If a storm is bad enough, trees might fall and their limbs could puncture or tear apart your roof. No homeowner should take a risk by simply “waiting and seeing”. To make sure your roof won’t be torn apart this hurricane season, our Kingwood roofers recommend getting a free roof inspection.

A roof inspection not only helps us spot any Houston weather damage, but we can also determine if these signs of roof damage warrant getting Kingwood roof repairs or a Kingwood roof replacement. 

Only Get A Kingwood Roof Replacement or Kingwood Roof Repairs When Necessary

We have been serving the greater Houston area for over 40 years, so getting to know homeowners and building a relationship with them based on trust is paramount in our business and in our identity. We instill these values in our entire time, so you can rest assured that we will make unbiased recommendations on how you can reinforce your Kingwood roof based on the evidence we find in our inspections. After all, as a local roofer, we understand how stressful and devastating roof damage can be, and all we want is for families across Houston to feel safe and protected in their homes.

Let Our Kingwood Roofing Company Protect Your Home This Hurricane Season

Here in Houston, we were lucky enough to only experience Hurricane Hanna’s rainstorm bands and not the hurricane itself. With over 8 named storms already, and the possibility of Hurricane Laura affecting us in some way, we should be proactive. Please contact us so we can schedule a free roof inspection so that our Houston roofers can keep you and your loved ones safe and protected this hurricane season.