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Spring, TX roof gutters filled with debris

Your Spring, TX Gutter System Matters This Hurricane Season

In our 40+ years of Houston Roofing experience, we have noticed that many homeowners tend to overlook the importance of their gutters. While every homeowner is aware of the importance of having a sturdy roof in good condition, a small percentage doesn't fully understand that their gutter system is just as important as their roof. Some might even argue that the gutter system is even more important than their roof. Although your gutters are a crucial component of your roof system all year round, they become especially important as we continue through peak hurricane season. Here’s why.

What Purpose Does Your Gutter System Serve?

If your Spring, TX roof shingles are your roof’s first line of defense, your gutter system–which is made up of the gutters and downspouts–is its second line of defense. 

Gutters are meant to help prevent rainwater from pooling up on your roof. Without gutters and their corresponding downspouts, rainwater would simply settle on your roof or slide directly along your siding which, over time, causes serious structural damage. Eventually, this damage will accumulate and worsen, leading to premature Spring, TX roof replacement or costly Spring, TX roof repairs you could have avoided. Your gutter system’s job is to ensure that the rainwater is diverted away from your home. 

This Atlantic hurricane season has already proven to be a historically active one, and considering hurricane season does not end until November 30th we can anticipate excessive rain and consequential damage. 

Protect Your Spring, TX Roof Gutter System

Now is not the time to undermine your gutters. With excessive storm winds come plenty of debris, such as leaves, bird’s nests, twigs, etc. Unfortunately, this debris tends to collect in your gutters which can clog them. If your gutters clog up, water will settle in them and flow back up onto your roof shingles. 

Our Spring, TX roofing company recommends you take the time to clean out your gutters, especially as we approach autumn and the leaves start to fall. Keeping your gutters in good condition is a smart investment in the safety of your home.

Schedule A Free Roof Inspection To Check On The Health Of Your Gutters

If you would like to check on the overall health and sturdiness of your gutters and roof while the weather allows, please contact us to schedule a free Spring, TX roof inspection. We will check your gutter system, shingles, and flashing and determine whether your roof is in good condition or if you require Spring, TX roof repairs.