Roof Replacement

Houston roofing company completing Kingwood roof replacement

The Best Time To Get Kingwood Roof Replacement

Getting a Houston roof replacement is a big deal and a big job that requires a highly qualified roofer. If you think it might be time to get a roof replacement, then you might be wondering how exactly you should time it and when to get it.

Fall Roof Replacement

As we near the end of the hurricane season, many homeowners would like to get their Kingwood roof replacement done shortly after November 30th, and rightfully so. We recommend waiting until the end of the hurricane season if you can because this way, you can start fresh with a brand new roof after those storms are gone and, with the rainy season over, keeping your roof dry during the replacement won’t be as hard a task. It is absolutely critical that your roof remains dry during a Kingwood roof replacement because we strip your roof down to the wood decking, and any sprinkle or shower can dampen the deck and soak into your foundation. This is a code violation because it makes for a very unstable roof afterward.

Keep in mind that, while fall after hurricane season is the best time for roof replacement, it is also our busiest season due to the increased demand. Additionally, there are many homeowners who have never gotten their roof replaced, but have noticed that their roof shingles have finally reached the end of their lifespan after so many hurricane seasons in the past. 

Regular Kingwood Roof Inspections Will Help Gauge When To Get A Roof Replacement

Getting Kingwood roof inspections twice a year (or more) is a great way to keep an eye on your roof so you can properly time its inevitable replacement. Many homeowners prefer to wait to get a Kingwood roof replacement until the last possible moment in order to make it more affordable and/or ensure that it doesn't get damaged as soon as it is replaced, but this isn't always the best idea, since you don't want to let your roof's condition worsen to a point where a replacement is an emergency.

When we inspect your roof, we can determine what prior weather events caused certain signs of damage and we can also predict how much longer your roof might last before it needs to be replaced. In general, though, a roof in Houston lasts about 10 to 15 years. If you think a roof replacement is near, then please contact us so we can first inspect your roof and determine that a Kingwood roof replacement is, in fact, necessary. We look forward to reinforcing your roof!