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How to Make Paying For Houston Roof Repair or Replacement More Affordable

As we approach more extreme weather conditions, whether it be from hail storms, hurricanes, or tropical rainstorms, you may be considering getting a roof replacement, or you’re looking for someone to offer some Houston roof repairs, at the very least. You want to make sure your roof can withstand these weather conditions and that your family is safe at home, but perhaps you’re worried about breaking the bank and, as a result, are putting off any roof work. However, did you know that there is a way to make your necessary roof work more affordable?

Look to Your Homeowners Insurance For Help

Many of our customers have completely forgotten they can turn to their homeowner's insurance if they need help paying for any roof work, such as roof replacement or roof repair. It’s a bit of a process, but we are here to help make it easier!

First, Look at Your Policy

Before anything, we recommend you read your insurance policy so that you gain a better idea of the coverage you can get for the damage you may have. In general, if your roof is less than 10 years old, you may get full coverage. This is because 10 years is the average length of time that a Houston roof should last. If it undergoes plenty of damage before then, then you have every right to get more assistance in paying.

Next, Have Amstill Complete a Free Roof Inspection

We are proud to offer free roof inspections to Houston homeowners to ensure they are safe all year round. If you are considering a roof replacement, then let us thoroughly inspect your roof in order to fully assess the level of damage. With our 40+ years of experience, we may also be able to give you a general idea of how much you may end up paying.

File a Claim With Your Houston Homeowners Insurance

Once our inspection is complete, you should contact your insurance provider and file a claim for damage. We suggest you take photos of the damage since the company will want to see adequate documentation.

Insurance Adjuster Will Do an Inspection

Your insurance provider will send an adjuster to complete their own inspection and provide an estimate, but we encourage you to allow us to be there for that inspection as well so we can make certain they don’t miss any damage and give you less coverage than you deserve.

Amstill Roofing Will Complete Your Houston Roof Repair and Houston Roof Replacement

Regardless of what caused your roof damage, we are happy to help fix it so you, your loved ones, and the rest of your home are safe as more severe weather comes our way. Please contact us if you’re in need of a repair or replacement so we can get started as soon as possible.