roof worker carefully inspecting the gutters and shingles on a roof

The Importance of Getting a Roof Inspection For Your Tomball Roof

Summer doesn’t officially start until June 20, 2020, so it’s a great time to get your seasonal inspection. After the recent rainstorms scattered across Houston, and with hurricane season fast approaching, you want your roof to be in the best possible condition. The best way to determine if this is the case is by scheduling a free seasonal roof inspection on your Tomball roof.

Seasonal Inspections Are the Best Way to Regularly Check Up On the Condition of Your Roof

We have seen a lot of roofs throughout Tomball and the greater Houston area, thanks to our 40+ years of roofing experience. Because of this, we recommend that you get a seasonal roof inspection twice a year. Although you can do this at any time during the year, we recommend the spring and the fall, since the weather is far milder during this time. If not, don’t worry–we will still happily inspect your roof in the summer and winter.

Even though we recommend these semi-annual inspections, we understand that some Tomball homeowners prefer to prolong an inspection because they worry that, if an inspection is done too early, many issues or problems will arise. However, this is counterintuitive. If you procrastinate on your inspection, you may allow issues that were once really minor to become much more severe, and even dangerous. This could lead to problems such as mold, rot, or roof leaks.

Tomball Roof Inspection Protects Your Investment

Professional inspections are a fantastic preventative measure to take when caring for your roof, but you can–and should–also conduct a minor inspection in between, in addition to following our advice on how to maintain your Houston roof. You don’t need to climb on your roof for this either. Simply keep an eye on your shingles and gutters from the ground or from a nearby window. Look for signs of shingle damage and let our Houston roofer know if you see anything out of the ordinary.

Wish to Check On Your Roof? Our Houston Roofers Will Happily Inspect Your Tomball Roof Replacement For Free

With Atlantic Hurricane Season fast approaching, we understand wanting to ensure your Tomball roof will protect you and your home from the storms. If you would like to get a professional inspection with eyes that can see the subtlest signs of roof damage, then please contact us so we can schedule a free inspection. Based on our findings, we will recommend either Tomball roof repairs or Tomball roof replacement.