Spring is the Perfect Time to Get Your Houston Roof Inspected

Spring is the Perfect Time to Get Your Houston Roof Inspected

Rain is falling, people are asking for recommendations for “the best crawfish”, and the weather is shifting little by little. Spring is near, which means it is almost time for your seasonal Houston roof inspection. By getting your roof inspected now, our team at Amstill Roofing can ensure that your roof is good to go before summer arrives along with the Atlantic hurricane season.

How Houston’s Hurricane Season Can Impact Your Roof if it Hasn’t Been Inspected

Even though there is still some time before June 1, time flies and it’s easy to unintentionally forget about getting your roof checked. This is the last thing we want because most homeowners realize they forgot about their roof when severe damage has already occurred. Our intention is to avoid this with an early inspection.

Storm Wind Damage

If you leave your roof unchecked by professionals, your chances of roof damage increase significantly. There could be loose, curled shingles that fly off as a result of heavy wind damage, making your roof all the more prone to leaks and the subsequent water damage. Furthermore, because shingles are installed together and attached to one another, one missing shingle quickly compromises the bond between the neighboring shingles, causing a chain reaction.

Hail Storm Damage

If it hails, which sometimes it does in the warmer season, a weak roof that hasn’t had any repairs in years may exhibit buckled or cracked shingles, which also allow for heavy rain to flow into the house. Roof shingles are topped off with granules that serve as an extra barrier between hail and the underlying asphalt. It’s important to note that hail is notorious for chipping those granules, weakening your older shingles. You may not notice a roof leak right away, but your insulation will get wet and create a breeding ground for mold and bacteria. If it continuously rains, the water will have nowhere else to go, inevitably leaking through your ceiling.

Free Roof Inspections Are The Best Preventative Measure As We Go Into Spring and Summer

If you are in Houston and are due for a roof inspection, please contact us so that we can carefully assess your rooftop. Our experienced eyes will determine whether your roof can handle the hurricane season or if you are in need of a roof replacement or repair to ensure your home’s safety, as well as your family’s.