young man inspecting Spring, TX roof to see if it needs repairs or replacement

Get a Spring TX Roof Inspection Before a Hurricane or Tropical Storm Hits

There have already been a few named tropical storms this hurricane season, which is predicted to be an above-average season in terms of how many tropical storms and hurricanes we encounter. Because of this, it is imperative that you be aware of the current state of your Spring, TX roof. 

Get A Spring, TX Roof Inspection AT LEAST Twice a Year

Our Houston roofing company recommends you get your Spring, TX roof inspected in the fall and in the spring, at the very least. This is because the weather is milder, which makes it easier to go out to your home without the worry of a weather event delaying the process. However, just because it’s rainier these days doesn’t mean we won’t still make time to check on your roof, especially now that we are in hurricane season.

What Our Spring, TX Roofing Company Looks For During a Free Roof Inspection

We take a number of factors into consideration and keep an eye out for even the subtlest signs of Spring, TX roof damage. 

First, we consider how old your roof is. Then we check on the conditions of your shingles, valleys, and chimney flashing. Some signs we spot include dipping, sagging, dents, chips, missing shingles, and missing shingle granules. These signs may hint at Spring, TX roof hail damage, wind damage, or rain damage, which often means there is more going on. In many cases, we will also recommend an attic inspection to search for signs of roof leaks.

Finance Your Spring, TX Roof Repair or Spring, TX Roof Replacement

After we’ve completed our free, contact-less roof inspection, we’ll be able to determine if your roof needs some repairs or if it needs a complete replacement in order to protect your family and your home this hurricane season. Because we believe that keeping your roof in check shouldn’t be a financial burden, we offer financing options. We also assist you in using your homeowner’s insurance so you can get as much financial help as possible for such a crucial component of your family’s home. 

Contact Our Houston Roofers Today For a Free Spring, TX Roof Inspection

If you haven’t had your roofing inspected yet, please contact us. We will thoroughly inspect your roof while maintaining social distancing and then we will gladly complete a roof repair or a roof replacement if it is deemed necessary for your safety.