Can Your Houston Roof Withstand Tropical Storms and Hurricanes?

Can Your Houston Roof Withstand Tropical Storms and Hurricanes?

Houston dodged a bullet this past weekend when New Orleans took the brunt of Tropical storm/Hurricane Barry’s force. However, we just got lucky, as our city is no stranger to getting hit by several tropical storms and hurricanes each year. This is why having a healthy roof is of utmost importance, as the roof is your home’s first line of defense against extreme weather conditions.

Heavy winds and rain, extreme heat, and hail are common to a Houston summer and can wreak havoc on your roof, causing major storm roof damage. In addition, falling tree limbs and debris picked up by strong winds can severely dent your roof and rip off its shingles.

Check Your Roof’s Condition With Roof Inspection

With the hurricane season close to being in full swing, now is the time to check the condition of your roof with a free roof inspection from our Houston roofing company.During a roof inspection conducted by Amstill Roofing, one of our expert Houston roofers will thoroughly inspect your roof to make sure it is ready to withstand the oncoming hurricane season. If your roof is over twenty-years old, there is a good chance that roof repair is necessary at the very least. There might even be a chance that a complete roof replacement is necessary, but our professional roof inspector will make that determination. The roof inspector will then go over their findings with you and suggest a comprehensive plan of action for you to consider. Again, this entire process is completely free of charge with no obligation. Also, our Houston roofing company’s reputation is built upon trust and integrity, so you never have to worry about us suggesting any unnecessary repairs.

Let Our Houston Roofing Company Protect Your Home This Hurricane Season

Hurricane season is not something to be taken lightly. “Once in a 100 years” storms are occurring at an alarming rate. Tropical storm/Hurricane Barry already devastated parts of Louisiana, and the hurricane season hasn’t even officially started yet! Here in Houston, we were fortunate not to be in Barry’s path, but next time we might not be so lucky. Therefore, schedule your free inspection today, and let this expert Houston roofer protect your home this hurricane season.