Hail Storm Season is Upon Us in Houston, and so is Hail Roof Damage

Hail Storm Season is Upon Us in Houston, and so is Hail Roof Damage

Hail season may be underestimated and overlooked when Houston deals with hurricane season, but the truth is that Texas is vulnerable to hail storms and they aren’t unheard of here in Houston. The worst of the hail season takes place between March and May, so it is critical that your roof be prepared just in case. A strong roof may withstand some damage, but a weakened roof will suffer and render itself useless, and you might need a roof replacement. Here is how you can prevent extensive hail storm damage in the event that Houston gets hit by one.

Facts You Should Know About Hail

In order to determine the best way for you to protect your roof, here are some facts you should know in order to understand the potential damage your Houston roof might endure.

Fact #1:

The U.S. averages over 5,000 reports of large hail every single year. Tornadoes, which many may think of as more common, average only 1,000 reports every year.

Fact #2:

Hail forms as droplets of water inside a storm cloud. When wind meets the cloud and blows upward as a result, which is known as an updraft, this stirs the droplets of water. As they are tossed around in the cold cloud, they build upon themselves and collect more water. Eventually, hailstones begin to form. They fall only when the updraft can no longer support their weight. This is how hailstorms occur and create substantial damage to your roof, house siding, and vehicles.

Fact #3:

Many believe that only really large pieces of hail can cause damage to their roof. The truth is that it only takes a 1-inch piece of hail, which is about the size of a quarter, to cause substantial damage to your rooftop

Prevent Excessive Houston Roof Hail Damage

If you would like to assess how sturdy your roof is before it gets hit by hail, then please contact us for a free inspection, as this is the best way to determine how prepared your home is. Based on our findings, we may recommend a few roof repairs or even a roof replacement if your roof has sustained continuous damage over the years and hasn’t been replaced in a while. Here at Amstill, most of our replacements and repairs are completed in a single day so you can rest assured knowing your roof is fully prepared by the time a storm inevitably hits.