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Roof Inspection News

Roof Inspection

Katy seasonal roof inspection during fall with autumn leaves in gutters

Seasonal Katy Roof Inspection Now That It's Officially Fall

Fall is officially here! Now is the time we recommend you get a seasonal roof inspection, as this is the most effective way to ensure your roof is strong, safe, and secure for the foreseeable future.

Seasonal Inspections Help Keep An Eye On Your Katy Roof’s Integrity

Our Houston roofing contractor recommends you get a Katy roof inspection at least twice a year–once in the spring and again in the fall. Although you can get an inspection at any time during the year, Spring inspections give us a good idea of how your roof will do in the extreme heat of summer. Fall inspections, on the other hand, help us determine if your roof will keep you protected throughout peak hurricane season and the colder months that lie ahead. 

Try Not To Procrastinate On Your Katy Roof Inspection

We find that some of our customers may decide to hold off on getting their roof inspected because they worry that if they get an inspection too early and everything checks out, then they will miss signs of severe damage by the time it gets chillier, making way for winter weather to damage their roof. 

However, delaying your inspections creates the risk that issues that were once minor become quite serious and even dangerous. This can bring about roof leaks, mold, or rotting wood, which harms the overall structure. At this point, a Katy roof replacement would be absolutely necessary to protect you and your family. If we inspect early on, we can complete affordable Katy roof repairs that strengthen your roof for years so that a premature replacement isn’t necessary. This also enables us to predict how current damage will worsen over time.

Seasonal Katy Roof Inspections Protect Your Investment

In addition to professional inspections, we also recommend you keep an eye on your roof and perform proper roof maintenance. No need to climb onto your roof–that’s what our roof inspectors do. However, you can still keep an eye on your shingles and look out for any curling in the corners. 

Contact Our Katy Roofers For A Free Seasonal Roof Inspection Today

At Amstill Roofing, which serves the Greater Houston Area, we want to make sure your house has adequate protection this season and for years to come. Please contact our experts for your next inspection. If any work is required, we are happy to complete the necessary Katy roof repairs to ensure your roof maintains its integrity.

young man inspecting Friendswood roof for any damage

How An Inspection Can Save Your Friendswood Roof

As summer nears its end and fall peeks around the corner, you may be looking forward to that cooler weather. As the seasons change, it’s a great time to get a free Friendswood roof inspection by Amstill Roofing. Did you know that a roof inspection can actually save your Friendswood roof? Here's how. 

Houston’s Heat Plus Hurricane Season Equals Houston Roof Disaster

It's no secret that Houston's heat can damage your roof and so can hurricanes, but regular Friendswood roof inspections are the best preventative measure you can take to avoid premature Friendswood roof replacement.

How Exactly Does A Roof Inspection Save Your Houston Roof

Thanks to our 40+ years of roofing experience, we have seen roofs in just about every single condition imaginable. By requesting a free roof inspection, our Houston roofing contractors–which serve Friendswood, Tomball, Katy, and other suburbs throughout the Greater Houston area–can climb onto your roof so you don't have to. 

While on your roof, our expertly trained eyes will look for any signs of accumulated roof damage, such as missing roof shingles, curling shingles, critter roof damage, missing shingle granules, dented gutters, and more. Most of these signs are the results of past hail damage, wind damage, and rain damage. Unfortunately, these signs may start out subtly before they become severely problematic, and the only way to really see just how damaged your roof is is by conducting a thorough inspection.

The biggest concern with any roof damage is that it quickly worsens over time. For example,  you may not see any roof leaks in your home, but there could already be one in your attic due to previous damage. Without an inspection, the rain and wind during these next few months could worsen it. As another example, what if during Hurricane Harvey in 2017 your area wasn't severely affected, but when we climb onto your roof we find that you're actually missing several shingles and your roof has severe molding and rot? This could mean that you may need a Friendswood roof replacement to correct this before a hurricane hits. Getting your roof professionally inspected will also help us correct minor issues with a Friendswood roof repair so those issues don’t lead to devastating damage anytime soon.

Our Houston Roofing Contractors Will Happily Inspect And Protect Your Friendswood Roof

With the turn of the season and more concerns in the tropics, we understand that homeowners want to be sure their roof is sufficient and protective enough. If you would like to get a professional inspection with eyes that can see the subtlest signs of roof damage, then please contact us. Following our roof inspection, we will determine whether Friendswood roof repairs or Friendswood roof replacement will keep you safe.

houston roof inspector completing kingwood roof inspection for fall

Fall Is Coming Up: Time To Get A Kingwood Roof Inspection

As we near the end of August, you have probably noticed that aside from the scalding heat, it’s getting darker a little earlier and the sun just looks different. You know what this means...fall is near. By now you may know more about how the sun damages your Kingwood roof and how your roof can sustain heat damage, and if your roof is old then it’s likely that you may be in need of repairs or even a full roof replacement before fall officially arrives.

Fall Brings More Kingwood Roof Damage

Kingwood roof replacements are necessary every 20 years or so, depending on whether you have architectural shingles or laminated shingles. Frequent Kingwood roof repairs are necessary as well because they help reinforce your roof and keep your family safe until it’s time for roof replacement. Also, getting frequent roof repairs is a great way to help your roof last a little longer, especially now during peak hurricane season. 

In the Greater Houston area, we are all extremely familiar with heavy rains, hurricanes, occasional hail, tornadoes, and even freezing temperatures in the middle of the night. All of these factors leave your roof beaten down and weak and are made worse if your roof is currently in poor condition.

Free Kingwood Roof Inspection By Amstill Roofing

The best way to know that your roof is in good enough condition for the fall is by getting a free roof inspection with Amstill. We have over 40 years of experience protecting Houston roofs, so our keen eyes can catch even the slightest signs of Kingwood roof damage, such as torn shingles, cracks, missing shingle granules, and even dents in your chimney flashing. 

By letting us take a close look at your roof, we can determine if it needs Kingwood roof repairs or a complete Kingwood roof replacement in order to fix the damage that it has sustained.

Let Amstill Protect You And Your Family With High-Quality One-Day Roof Work

We welcome you to contact us for a free roof inspection so that we can determine the best course of action. Whether we complete Kingwood roof repairs or Kingwood roof replacement, over 90% of our jobs are successfully completed within a single day so you can rest assured knowing your roof will last far beyond the fall season.

Cypress, TX roofing picture taken after roof inspection

When You Should Get A Cypress Roof Inspection

We always talk about getting roof inspections from time to time, but some homeowners may not fully understand just why they are a necessity and all the good that comes from one. Often times, roof inspections are dismissed as unnecessary. This post will explain why you should get a Cypress roof inspection and when.

Cypress Roof Inspection Is Prevention

Inspection is the best preventative measure you can take to ensure your roof is in good condition, especially now that we are in the midst of our rainiest season. Because we’re in the middle of hurricane season, which is predicted to be highly active this year, you need to have zero doubt in your mind that your roof is providing the protection you, your family, and the rest of your home need and deserve. 

Houston Roof Inspection Saves You Money In The Long Run

Not only is your first Cypress roof inspection free, but in having our trained eyes (with 40+ years of experience) check on your roof, we can successfully find even the slightest signs that you need Cypress roof repairs before seemingly insignificant damages severely damage your roof, leading to a costly Cypress roof replacement.

Roof Inspections Should Be Done Twice A Year

A good rule of thumb is to schedule a roof inspection at least twice a year, at the turn of the season. Getting your roof checked during the spring or the fall ensures that your roof is ready to be relied on for protection against the rainy, windy, hurricane and tropical storm-filled summer, as well as the dry and damaging winter. If you haven’t gotten your roof inspected in either season, that’s okay! We will happily schedule a contact-less roof inspection and report our findings so we can determine whether you are in need of Cypress roof repairs or a Cypress roof replacement.

Perform Regular Cypress Roof Maintenance During The Year

As helpful as twice-annual roof inspections are, they will never be enough. In fact, a roof inspection is the bare minimum requirement for a long-lasting roof. To really get the most out of your roof’s shingle warranty, you should be proactive in taking measures to maintain the integrity of your roof. This means cleaning out your gutter system and doing some yard work.

Contact Our Cypress Roofers For A Free Roof Inspection

If it’s time for a roof inspection, please contact us so we can schedule a contact-free inspection. We will see how sturdy your roof is and if your home could benefit from Cypress roof repairs.

magnifying glass held up to the roof on a miniature home model to inspect it

How Frequent Spring, TX Roof Inspections Save Money In The Long Run

Houston weather is very unpredictable sometimes. It can also be disastrous, which is why many Spring, TX homeowners suddenly have to invest in a Spring, TX roof replacement, or a few Spring, TX roof repairs, seemingly out of nowhere because they didn’t catch any warning signs. However, what if we told you that you can avoid sudden roof repairs and replacements and save money at the same time?

How a Spring, Texas Roof Inspection Saves You Money

The beauty of Spring, TX roof inspections is that we offer the first one for free and they're a fantastic preventative measure, which helps homeowners avoid unexpected and easily-preventable damages so they can save themselves from taking money from their emergency fund. 

Another benefit of getting a free roof inspection is that we are able to take a thorough look where homeowners typically can’t because they don’t have the proper training nor the proper equipment. We take this time to look at shingles, along valleys, chimney flashing, siding, gutter system, and often your attic. By checking on all these different areas, our team finds issues that may seem minor at first, but can quickly manifest into severe problems that put your entire roof and underlying structure at risk. Inspecting early means we intervene early, which means we can perform a few Spring, TX roof repairs to make your roof last a few more years before it’s time for a complete Spring, Texas roof replacement.

Signs You Need a Spring, TX Roof Inspection

Although we recommend getting a seasonal roof inspection about twice a year, here are some signs you may need one immediately.

Higher Energy Bills

As stated in our previous blog about damaged roof insulation, higher energy bills are often the result of a broken seal in your roof that weakens the insulation and allows outside air in. If the damage to your roof is severe enough that all the insulation needs to be replaced, we may recommend you get Spring, TX roof replacement instead.

Spring, TX Roof Leak

Roof leaks can be devastating and frustrating, especially because a leak can be caught early before it makes its way through a light fixture and damages your walls and ceiling. By checking on your roof, we can reinforce any spots that may be prone to leaks, which will greatly decrease your chances of dealing with an emergency roof leak.

Get A Free Roof Inspection Today

If you would like to prevent severe damage and ensure your roof lasts longer, then please contact us so we can conduct a roof inspection and evaluate the integrity of your roofing.