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A roofer inspecting a gutter

Spring Is Nearing, Make Sure You Get a Pecan Grove Roof Inspection

As the cold season is coming to an end, you may be thinking that your roof has seen the worst of it. But just because spring is nearing, it doesn’t mean that your roof is in the clear. In fact, now is one of the best times to get a Pecan Grove roof inspection. Your roof could’ve sustained damage from the winter months, especially with the low temperatures. Here are reasons why you should contact a Houston roofer before spring begins.

Winter Could Have Caused Roof Damage

During the cold months, your roof is prone to ice dam formation, leaks, and granule loss. All of these are Pecan Grove roof damage that can quickly worsen if left unrepaired. To make sure your home is in top shape, book a Pecan Grove roof inspection as early as now. Most Houston roof experts are still on the clock even during winter. They can identify common winter roof damage, such as broken shingles, trapped moisture, and clogged gutters. Keep your family safe this spring and all the way to next winter by calling a Pecan Grove roofer near me.

Spring Rains Can Cause Leaks

Spring is known to be especially rainy since warm air holds more moisture than cold air. This is why you notice scattered rain showers in the morning and the rest of the day. If you have existing leaks around the house, they will worsen when spring arrives. Prevent a leak disaster by hiring a Pecan Grove roofer to conduct a thorough inspection. They’ll be able to spot entry points for water and recommend the necessary Pecan Grove roof repair. If you had a leak problem in the winter, a roofer can solve this just before spring.

Spring Is Ideal for Roofers

Roofing companies recommend a Pecan Grove roof inspection just before spring for a number of reasons. First, it is easier to spot damage under sunny weather. The rays of the sun quickly reveal any cracks to your shingles, vents, flashing, and more. It is also more comfortable and safer to work in warm weather. Roofers don’t have to worry about slippery ice and winter debris. Having your roof inspected every spring increases its lifespan by taking care of minor problems before they worsen.

Schedule a Pecan Grove Roof Inspection Today!

Thinking of booking a Pecan Grove roof inspection? You can rely on Amstill Roofing’s time-tested perfection when it comes to Houston roofing services. We have been proudly serving Texas since 1974, guided by the principles of honor, integrity, and strength. Our roofing track record speaks for itself. We work on thousands of roofs every, which is why we’ve perfected our process. Even before spring arrives, book an appointment with us. We look forward to keeping you and your family safe!

Houston roof expert in orange safety vest performing a Pecan Grove roof inspection.

How Often Should You Get a Pecan Grove Roof Inspection?

Because different seasons bring different threats to your Pecan Grove roofing, regular roof inspections near me are imperative to a well-protected home. And while savvy homeowners know to check for any potential roof damage after severe weather, sometimes it’s difficult to identify these issues without an official inspection by a licensed, professional Pecan Grove roofer near me. Our Houston roof experts recommend a thorough Pecan Grove roof inspection every six months to ensure you and your family are prepared for seasonal weather known to cause damage, as well as identify any storm roof damage you may have endured in the months prior.

Schedule Your Pecan Grove Roof Inspection Every Six Months

Many of our customers often ask, “how often should I schedule a roof inspection near me?” If it’s been more than six months since your last Pecan Grovel roof inspection, then it’s time to call our Houston roof experts. We pride ourselves on conducting a thorough assessment of your Pecan Grove roofing, which means we’ll climb onto your roof and examine it for these common types of Pecan Grove roof damage:

  • Curling, bruised, or missing shingles
  • Buckling or sagging in the rooftop
  • Loose/cracked flashing and shingles
  • Missing shingle granules

These issues signal the need for a Pecan Grove roof replacement, especially if there’s extensive damage. Certain factors can shorten your Pecan Grove roofing’s average 20-year lifespan, making twice-yearly roof inspections necessary to keep your home and family protected. 

Need for a Pecan Grove Roof Replacement? Find Out with a Roof Inspection Near Me

Even the most diligent homeowners sometimes overlook instances of Pecan Grove roof damage. Our Houston roof experts can provide you with a thorough Pecan Grove roof inspection, which will not only determine its condition, but also to ensure your home is prepared for winter weather. We’re knowledgeable about the kind of weather that causes Pecan Grove roof damage, and keep track of recent storms in the area that may have caused any existing issues. If our seasonal roof inspection finds that you need a Pecan Grove roof replacement, we can walk you through the process, help you file a claim with your insurance company to see if any of your new Pecan Grove roofing is covered under your policy, and have the job finished in as little as a day.  

Looking for the Best Roofing Company Near Me? Trust Amstill!

Protecting your family and your property should always remain a top priority, especially when the threat of winter roof damage near me is most likely. Call us to schedule a roof inspection and determine if it’s time to invest in a Pecan Grove roof replacement. We know you’ll be pleased with the service we provide and the peace of mind provided by the time tested perfection our Houston roof experts have provided since 197

Roof with Christmas lights installed after a Sugar Land roof inspection

Get a Sugar Land Roof Inspection Before Installing Lights

Christmas is fast-approaching and what is the holiday season without its carols, gift-giving, and bright flashing lights. If you are considering getting into the spirit of Christmas by installing Christmas lights on your roof, you should first get a Sugar Land roof inspection. In this article our Houston roof experts who have been proudly serving Texas since 1974 shall discuss why you should get a roof inspection near me before installing lights.

Regular Sugar Land Roof Inspection is Ideal

Having your roof inspected for Sugar Land roof damage regularly has always been highlighted by our Houston roof experts. With over 47 years in the business, our roofers can attest that a regular roof inspection can help prolong the life of your roof. Sugar Land roof inspection near me is ideally conducted once during fall and the other in spring. This schedule ensures that your roof is free of Sugar land roof damage and is winter-worthy. The spring inspection checks for damages your roof may have sustained during winter that may require Sugar Land roof repair.

Homeowners can easily conclude that the suggested inspection schedule revolves around the winter season by scheduling an inspection before and after. This is intentional because the winter season is especially harsh on your roof. Should your roof sustain Sugar Land roof damage during the winter season and require emergency repair it would be logistically hard and thus very costly.

Sugar Land Roof Inspection for Christmas Lights Installation

Having a Sugar Land roof inspection before installing Christmas lights is not only prudent but may also be a necessity. This is especially important if you have an older roof or if it has been some time since you’ve had your roof checked for Sugar Land roof damage.

During the roof inspection, you must mention your plans regarding Christmas light installation to the Houston roofer doing the inspection. This way the roofer can check not only for potential issues with your roof such as damaged shingles, leaks, or other structural problems but also ensure that it would be safe for you to install your Christmas lights and that it would not become a safety or fire hazard. Our roofer can also guide you in choosing which type of lighting to use and provide guidelines such as refraining from using nails which can damage your roof.

Have Your Sugar Land Roof Inspection Conducted by Houston Roof Experts

When it comes to Sugar Land roof inspection and roof damage repair trust only the Houston roof contractors with extensive experience. With over 50,000 roof replacements and repairs, our roofers have perfected the process of roof maintenance and care. Call us now and schedule your free roof inspection.

Houston roof expert conducting Friendswood roof inspection before winter arrives

Did You Miss Your Friendswood Roof Inspection?

Regular roof maintenance is vital to ensuring your home is safe and secure. Given that colder temperatures are on the way, the last thing you want is unknown Friendswood roof damage that leaves you and your family exposed when the mercury dips into lower digits. That’s why we typically recommend a Friendswood roof inspection every six months, once in the spring and another in the fall. If you missed your Friendswood roof inspection this past autumn, it’s not too late to schedule a visit with our Houston roof experts to assess the condition of your Friendswood roofing and address any issues now before winter arrives. Our family-owned and operated Friendswood roofing company has been correcting Friendswood roof damage near me since 1974, and we’re ready to protect your home with the same time tested perfection that’s at the heart of every project we execute. 

Determine Your Roof’s Condition a Friendswood Roof Inspection Near Me

Many homeowners can spot obvious Friendswood roof damage like major leaks or missing shingles, but more subtle or extensive damage to your Friendswood roofing requires the eyes of a professional Houston roofer. Our team of knowledgeable and skilled professionals has been providing thorough Friendswood roof inspections for over 47 years. We’ve built our reputation as the best roofing company near me thanks to our commitment to honesty, integrity, and strength.  During our free roof inspection, our Houston roof experts will assess your roof’s condition and ensure your home is prepared for winter. As a local company, we’re familiar with the kind of weather that causes Friendswood roof damage and know exactly what to look for. If our seasonal roof inspection finds that you need Friendswood roof repairs or a full Friendswood roof replacement, you can count on us to make the process as quick and straightforward as possible. We can walk you through each step involved, such as shingle selection, filing homeowners insurance claims, and financing options, as well as have the job finished in as little as a day.

Our Friendswood Roof Inspection Is Detailed and Thorough 

As the holidays inch closer, now is the time to schedule your Friendswood roof inspection. When our team arrives for your inspection, we’ll climb onto your roof and examine it for the most types of Friendswood roof damage near me, such as:

  • Curling shingles
  • Missing shingles
  • Buckling or sagging in the rooftop
  • Loose/cracked flashing and shingles
  • Missing shingle granules

If we find these issues, it might mean it’s time for a Friendswood roof replacement, especially if there’s extensive damage. Most roofs are designed to last 20 years, but certain factors can shorten that lifespan, which is why we recommend scheduling a seasonal roof inspection once in the spring and again in the fall. If you missed the most recent recommended Friendswood roof inspection, don’t delay this important aspect of Friendswood roof maintenance near me any longer. It’s critical that you keep your home and family protected, especially as we move into cooler months of the year. 

Protect Your Friendswood Roofing with the Best Roofing Company Near Me

Don’t procrastinate on providing your home with the protection it needs this winter. Call our Houston roof experts today to schedule your Friendswood roof inspection and determine exactly what you need to weather these frigid temperatures.

Magnifying glass centered on the roof of model house to represent a Houston roof inpection

Get a Houston Roof Inspection Before Winter Arrives

December is one of the busiest months of the year. Holiday parties, houseguests, and shopping for gifts can take up a lot of your time, so now isn’t the time to risk roof failure. With winter on its way, you should consider a Houston roof inspection in order to identify and assess the possible need for Houston roof repairs or even a Houston roof replacement. “So who’s the best roofing company near me?” you may ask. Our Houston roof experts have been offering time testing perfection to homeowners throughout the region since 1974. We know the importance of scheduling regular Houston roof inspections for the reasons discussed here.

Common Winter Causes of Houston Roof Damage Near Me 

After the brutal winter storm of 2021, we now know that Houston is not immune to the types of hazards known to cause Houston roof damage. Older roofs are especially susceptible and may not withstand serious winter weather, exposing your home and your family to the elements. What are the main reasons many homeowners need a Houston roof repairs near me? Here’s what our Houston roof experts say are the most likely culprits:

Freezing Rain and Sleet

Freezing rain poses a threat similar to hail, as the impact of ice hitting your roof can leave divots in your shingles, knock granules from their surface, or cause bruising, none of which can be corrected with Houston roof repair, requiring a Houston roof replacement instead.


If ice forms on your roof, it prevents water from running off its surface, especially if your gutters are clogged by leaves and other debris. This form of winter roof damage is quite common, even in Texas, and our Houston roof experts recommend older roofs receive a Houston roof inspection before temperatures drop.


Snow may be rare for our area, but it can occur and place detrimental pressure on your roof’s structure. If your roof is old, this is even more dangerous, as age weakens your roof’s ability to support the added weight of accumulated snow.

Determine Your Roof’s Condition with a Houston Roof Inspection Near Me

It’s hard to see damage from the ground, so a roof inspection can help you uncover issues you might miss on your own. Our Houston roof experts conduct a thorough Houston roof inspection to determine its condition and make recommendations based upon our findings. When we arrive for your seasonal roof inspection, we’ll climb on your roof and examine your shingles, gutters, flashing, and ridges. Even though most roofs are designed to last 20 years, certain factors can shorten that lifespan. We’ll look for issues like curling, broken, or  missing shingles, sagging or buckling of the rooftop, and loose or cracked flashing.  

We’ve been operating in Houston for over 47 years, so we’re familiar with the kind of weather that causes Houston roof damage near me. If our seasonal roof inspection finds that you need Houston roof repairs or replacement, we can usually start and finish the project on the same day. If weather is the cause of your roof damage, your homeowners insurance company may cover all or part of the replacement costs. 

Amstill is the Roofing Company Near Me I Trust to Protect My Home

As the temperatures drop, you don’t want to leave your family in the cold due to a failing roof. Even if you don’t see the type of damage referenced above, it’s best to trust a professional Houston roofer to identify these issues, as we know what to look for. Call our Houston roof experts today to schedule your winter Houston roof inspection and keep your home protected from the elements near me this season.