Spotting and Repairing Houston Roof Leaks

Spotting and Repairing Houston Roof Leaks

Identifying roof leaks and repairing them are essential parts of home maintenance. They prevent serious water damage and maintain the integrity of your home. Before getting a Houston roof leak repair, you must first spot the problems at hand. Amstill Roofing is here to help using our time-tested process. Continue reading to know the steps you need to take.

How to Spot Houston Roof Leaks

Check Your Exteriors

The first step you can do is to inspect your home from the outside. Keep in mind that you should only do this from the ground. Houston roof experts don’t recommend that you go up your roof yourself and put your safety at risk. Check your for missing or damaged shingles, cracked or warped flashing around chimneys, vents, and skylights. If there are visible signs of exterior damage, then you need a Houston roof repair.

Inspect Your Attic

Go up your attic to check for signs of Houston storm roof damage. There could be water stains, mold growth, or damp insulation present in your attic as a result of exposure to the atmosphere. You can use a flashlight to thoroughly examine the area. If your attic is compromised, then the rest of your home will soon follow, so it’s best to book a Houston roofer right away.

Pay Attention to Water Drips

If it’s raining in your area, then it’s a good time to check for active Houston roof leaks. These can be seen on your ceilings and walls. They can even manifest as brown or yellow spots that can be unsightly. What’s more is that they’re caused by underlying roof issues that need to be addressed by Houston roof experts.

How to Do a Houston Roof Leak Repair

The first thing to keep in mind is your safety. This means that you shouldn’t do any roofing tasks that you were not professionally trained to do. Contact Amstill Roofing for time-tested Houston roof leak repair. We’ll make sure to cover the following areas and more:

  • Replacing damaged shingles: We’ll replace all missing or loose shingles with new ones to keep your first line of defense in top shape.
  • Fixing flashing issues: If holes in your flashing are causing the leaks, we’ll need to reseal it or replace it.
  • Addressing larger problems: Patching up holes on your roof to get rid of leaks is just a band-aid solution. As your professional Houston roofer, we’ll get to the root cause of the leaks so they don’t occur again.

Schedule a Houston Roof Leak Repair Today

Roof leaks can cause severe structural damage and harmful mold growth if left unaddressed. If you’re unsure about the extent of your leaks, then consult Amstill Roofing. We have the expertise and knowledge for premium Houston roof leak repair. Guided by honor, integrity, and strength, we’ll protect your family from the elements. We’ve been proudly serving Texas since 1974, with thousands of roofing jobs completed in an efficient manner. Contact us today to request a free roof inspection!

Common Brays Oaks Roof Repairs in the Fall

Common Brays Oaks Roof Repairs in the Fall

Fall is the perfect season for roof repairs. It’s that ideal window right after storm season, with weather that is still mild enough to allow for plenty of clear days to conduct a Houston roof repair on any Brays Oaks roof damage your home may have sustained. So if you’re a homeowner who wants to maximize your roof’s lifespan and protective utility, this is an opportunity for Houston roof repair that you can’t let pass you by. Here are what Amstill Roofing’s Houston roof experts say are the most common Brays Oaks roof repair problems that homeowners find themselves faced with during the fall.

Brays Oaks Roof Repair for Storm Damage

As the coming of fall coincides with the end of storm season, a lot of the Brays Oaks roof damage homeowners find themselves facing is usually the result of a storm or extreme weather events. Roof shingles or tiles can be cracked by hailstones or stripped off the roof completely by high winds. Even without such easily detectable damage, heavy rainfall might have found a way to infiltrate your home through a small roof leak. The best thing you can do before anything else is to have a Houston roofing company that you trust conduct a thorough roof inspection. This way, you will have a clear idea of all the current and potential issues facing your roof, allowing you to plan and prioritize the order of each Brays Oaks roof repair. Amstill Roofing offers a free roof inspection and estimates, as well as recommendations to ensure optimal roofing protection for your home.

Brays Oaks Roof Repair for Maintenance

Your home may have been lucky and got through the entirety of storm season without sustaining any weather-related Brays Oaks roof damage. However, this doesn’t mean that your roof is free of any underlying issues. Your home may still be in need of Houston roof repair due to other potential issues, such as insect or animal infestation or age-related roof issues. This can include the degradation of materials, fasteners, and sealants in and around your roof. In fact, if your roof is old enough, say, in the 20 to 25-year-old range, you could be due for a roof replacement. Once again, these matters are best resolved by hiring Houston roof experts to complete a roof inspection. However, this raises the question, “Where am I going to find a trusted Houston roofing company near me?” 

Brays Oaks Roof Repair From Houston Roof Experts Near Me

Amstill Roofing has been a family-owned and operated business that has served the Houston area with honor, integrity, and strength for almost 50 years. We have decades of experience in roof inspections, roof repairs, and roof replacements. If you’re in need of a Brays Oaks roof repair, give us a call and put our expertise and experience to work for you. Give us a call to schedule your free roof inspection today!

How the Heat Can Cause The Woodlands Roof Damage

How the Heat Can Cause The Woodlands Roof Damage

Water damage is a serious problem that all homeowners watch out for. But did you know that the heat can do just as much harm to your roof? As heat waves take over, it is important to pay special attention to your home’s main defense. Amstill Roofing offers proven roofing services to protect your home from extreme heat. If you need The Woodlands roof replacement during the warm season, allow us to keep you safe from the sun’s UV rays.

What Happens During Warm Weather

It’s true that you don’t have to worry about leaks around the house during the dry season. However, you have to be aware of how your roof can be affected by warm air. First of all, sealants dry out. Sealants are adhesives applied to your roof to keep the elements from seeping in. They keep water and other debris from entering. If sealants dry out and result in cracks, you can be prone to The Woodlands roof damage. 

Extreme temperature changes can also be expected from the dry season. During a drought, temperatures reach upwards of 100°. Your roof contracts and expands. Eventually, your roof will give in to this constant wear and tear. With all this said, cracked shingles are the most common sign of The Woodlands roof damage. Dry air is not ideal for your shingles. Little to no moisture may cause your shingles to decay or disintegrate. This leaves your home vulnerable.

How UV Rays Damage Your Roof

Your roof was designed to protect your home from sun damage. During a heat wave, the sun’s rays are extra intense. Your shingles may not be able to take the heat. You’ll notice bruising or loose shingles. If you notice this happening, call for Houston roof repairs immediately. Don’t wait until your underlayment gets destroyed and you end up spending more. Amstill Roofing has perfected a process rooted in efficiency. We will get your roof in top shape to prepare you for any weather.

When Should You Get Repairs Done?

The warm season is actually a good time to have a Houston roof inspection. There are no chances of thunderstorms that could disrupt the job. Your roofer can work without interruptions, and your roof can dry properly. If you get Houston roof repairs done today, you will be prepared for hurricane season. Some of the work that we do include shingle replacement, flashing fortification, and gutter inspection. Here’s your chance to finally tick off roof maintenance off of your to-do list. 

Get in Touch With Us to Solve The Woodlands Roof Damage

If you need help with roof repairs and roof replacement, contact professional roofers. At Amstill Roofing, we have decades of experience and thousands of satisfied clients under our belt. We know what tiny flaws to watch out for and how to fix them. Now is the ideal time to prevent or solve The Woodlands Roof Damage. We proudly serve residential and commercial clients in The Woodlands and surrounding areas. Get in touch with us today for a free roof inspection.

Signs of Roof Aging That Cause Katy Roof Damage

Signs of Roof Aging That Cause Katy Roof Damage

Your roof is an important structure in your home because it protects you from the elements. Well-built roofs keep you safe from severe weather, both extreme heat and strong rains. However, roofs are not made to last forever. The average lifespan of a roof is between 15 to 30 years. This will depend on the quality of installation and roofing materials. If you’re not sure how old your roof is exactly, there are some signs of aging to watch out for. Being aware of Katy roof damage ensures your property’s structural integrity and your family’s safety.

Inspect Your Attic

Before going up to your roof, check your interiors first to know if there is Katy roof damage. If you have an attic, notice if sunlight is shining through. This is a sign that there are holes in your roof membrane. If sunbeam can pass through your roof, then so can water and wind. The best time to do your inspection is during the day. Close all your lights and windows. Once you confirm that light can pass through, it is time for Katy roof replacement.

Check for Leaky Ceilings

Water damage is a tell-tale sign of Katy roof damage. When it comes to home maintenance, leak inspection should be at the top of your list. Trapped moisture causes mold and fungi. When left unchecked, these organisms are health risks. Leaks also compromise your home’s structural integrity. If a hurricane arrives, your roof may not be able to withstand the pressure. Water damage destroys insulation, leading to higher electricity bills.

Watch Out for Broken Shingles

A common sign of Katy roof aging is missing or loose shingles. Over time, your shingles will weaken and reposition. Older shingles also tend to bruise. Once the granules have been scratched off, your top layer protection is compromised. The area feels soft as you touch it, and visible indents will appear. In addition, damaged flashing is an indication of roof aging. Flashings  prevent water from entering the most vulnerable parts of your home. If you notice damaged flashing, have our Houston roofing experts inspect your property.

Check for Roof Discoloration

As a roof ages, discoloration will occur. Black streaks will start to appear, indicating that a roof is shedding its original color. If you start to notice this, contact the Houston roofing experts at Amstill Roofing. We will thoroughly inspect your roof to determine the type of Katy roofing services you need. Avoid pressure washing your roof on your own. Instead, trust our time-tested process that has helped thousands of homeowners in our area.

Contact Us to Prevent Katy Roof Damage

Restore your aging roof into its original glory by calling Amstill Roofing. Since 1974, we have been serving our community with honor, strength, and integrity. We are a locally owned and operated company. Hence, we understand the needs of homeowners in the area. We know what it takes to prevent Katy roof damage. Contact us today to schedule an appointment. We offer free roof inspections!

 Consider Friendswood Roof Replacement Before a Hurricane Hits

Consider Friendswood Roof Replacement Before a Hurricane Hits

Hurricane roof damage can happen to any property. Even if you are confident in your roof’s durability, a major storm may eventually push it to its limits. Roof leaks are one of the major issues to watch out for. High winds can also blow off your roof and put you at risk. After a hurricane, the last thing you need is stress from emergency roof repair. Make sure you are prepared for harsh weather with the help of Amstill Roofing. We provide time-tested Friendswood roof replacement for your peace of mind during hurricane season.

Is a Hurricane Approaching?

Also known as a tropical cyclone, a hurricane is a low-pressure area filled with organized thunderstorms. If maximum winds reach 74 mph or higher, it can be considered a hurricane. Hurricanes are classified into five categories. The higher the category, the higher the risk for property damage. The good thing is that hurricanes can be anticipated. Stay updated on local news. If a hurricane is likely to hit your area soon, have your property inspected by Houston roof experts.

What a Hurricane Does to Your Roof

Some lucky roofs survive hurricanes with just a few scratches. Don’t leave your property to luck. Friendswood roof replacement increases your chances of getting through the hurricane season. Amstill Roofing works on thousands of roofs every year. We assess the repairs that need to be done, taking into account the following factors:

  • Your roof type. Studies show that steep-slope roofs and hip roofs withstand pressure the best. Meanwhile, gable roofs and low-slope roofs perform worse during a hurricane. 
  • Your location. Some areas are more prone to hurricanes. These are places near the coast and tropical waters. Texas has the 2nd most number of hurricanes in history.
  • Your structural connections. A roof that is well-attached to the property’s foundation is more likely to survive. Tiny gaps in the flashing is likely to cause a chain reaction of loose shingles and exposed underlayment.

When Should I Get Roof Replacement Done?

As the name suggests, hurricane roof damage happens after a hurricane. So, homeowners think it is better to wait after the storm before they get a Friendswood roof replacement. Actually, we recommend getting repairs even before the rainy season arrives. This way, you can fortify your roof and protect your home against wind, rain, and debris. Amstill Roofing offers free roof inspections. We can point out the repairs and replacements that are needed. Since we have perfected our process, we make sure the project runs as efficiently as possible.

Get in Touch With Us for Friendswood Roof Replacement

Get your roof ready for a hurricane by calling Amstill Roofing. We are a trusted roofing company that has been serving our community since 1974. Our knowledge of the area gives us an advantage. Because we are a locally owned and operated company, we understand the needs of homeowners across the state. We know what it takes to prevent Friendswood roof damage. Call us today for roof replacement and other preventive services. We offer free roof inspections!


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