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Chalk circle outlining Kingwood hail roof damage

Kingwood Roof Repairs for Hail Damage

Spring is a common time of year for hail to form and fall on your Kingwood roofing, causing damage that needs to be repaired as soon as possible. Sometimes, however, homeowners have trouble identifying Kingwood hail roof damage on their own and don’t realize it requires their attention, which leaves their homes susceptible to more damage when the next severe weather system moves through. This kind of repeated and significant hail damage can lead to roof failure over time that may require a full Kingwood roof replacement instead of repairs. Here are the most common hail roof damage repairs our Houston roof experts make in the spring, as well as how to spot if you need them. 

Signs of Kingwood Hail Roof Damage

If you’re seeing any of the following, it’s time to call our Houston roofer to make needed Kingwood roof damage repairs as soon as possible:

Lost Granules

When hail forms in a storm cloud, it can be anywhere from the size of a pea to the size of a softball. The longer a hailstone stays in the storm cloud before dropping to the ground, the larger it becomes. And the larger the hailstone, the more forceful the impact on your Kingwood roofing. When this impact is made, even with small hailstones, the force can shake granules from shingles. These granules are an important part of your roof’s structural makeup and must be present for your shingles to properly protect your home underneath. 


In addition to lost granules, Kingwood hail roof damage may also come in the form of bruises, or soft spots in your shingles caused by hail’s impact. Our Houston roof experts check for bruising by applying pressure to your shingle with their hands and looking for softness or last indentations. These soft spots weaken your roof and prevent it from protecting your home.

Cracks and Divots 

Probably the most recognizable form of Kingwood hail roof damage, divots are circular marks left after hailstones crash against your shingles. Sometimes these divots are so pronounced that cracking is also present. Either divots or cracking signal catastrophic hail damage and should never be ignored. 

Common Roof Repairs Needed After Kingwood Hail Damage

Hail is a serious threat to your Kingwood roofing and is known to cause significant roof damage, even in instances of small, pea-sized hail. Most often, our Houston roof experts find enough damage to warrant a Kingwood roof replacement, but there are times in which repairs may be sufficient. The most common repairs after Kingwood hail roof damage include replacing damaged shingles and siding,, as well as repairing leaks caused by punctured roofing. Our Houston roofing company can provide you with a free inspection that will identify the need for these Kingwood roof repairs and their expected cost. 

Amstill Can Complete Your Kingwood Hail Damage Roof Repairs

Now that you can see the risk Kingwood hail damage poses to your property, don’t delay any needed repairs. Our Houston roofers have been performing Kingwood roof repairs and Kingwood roof replacements for more than 47 years, making us the most trusted company in the local area. Call us to schedule your free roof inspection and keep your family and your home secure, rain or shine!