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Spring rain falls on a colorful umbrella, signaling the threat of spring weather Houston roof damage

How Spring Weather Damages Your Houston Roof

While summer is on the horizon, we still have plenty of spring weather and the storms that accompany this season. That means you need to remain vigilant for signs of Houston spring roof damage caused by hail, strong winds, and heavy rain. This is even more important if your Houston roofing is already damaged when these strong weather patterns roll through, as your roof cannot offer the protection it’s intended to provide. It’s best to be aware of the types of roof damage our Houston roofers see most often during the spring months. That way, if you need Houston roof repairs or a Houston roof replacement, it can be completed before more damage occurs. 

Examples of Houston Spring Weather Roof Damage 

Our Houston roof experts warn our customers about these problems and often encourage a Houston roof replacement if these issues are uncovered:

Shingle Damage

Broken, missing, or curled shingles, are typically caused by strong winds. If your Houston roofing is already damaged, it’s easier for winds to whip underneath shingles and then easily break them or cause them to curl upward. When this occurs, they cannot be repaired. A professional roof inspection can determine whether your Houston roofing has already sustained this damage and if a Houston roof replacement is necessary. 

Hail Roof Damage

Hail roof damage occurs more frequently in the spring, when the air close to the earth’s surface is warm, but the air high up in the storm clouds is still cold. Hail roof damage typically results in the need for a full Houston roof replacement due the sheer force with which hail hits your Houston roofing. Upon impact, hail leaves divots and cracks on your shingles and damages the membrane beneath the top layer of asphalt, rendering your shingles damaged beyond repair.

Roof Leaks

Usually caused by heavy rains falling and then collecting in a low spot on your roof, leaks can be catastrophic. Sometimes roof leaks are easy to spot, but sometimes they can remain hidden until you notice water dripping from a ceiling or trickling down your walls. If you notice a roof leak, call our Houston roof experts right away to prevent it from damaging the interior of your home further.

Critter Roof Damage

Spring is mating season for many small animals and pests, and many will seek refuge in your attic to nest and reduce exposure to the elements. Critters can cause Houston roof damage by gnawing and chewing on your roofing structures in an effort to gain access to the attic underneath, so be diligent about attic noises or noticeable signs of a pest problem.

Trust Amstill to Correct Your Houston Roof Damage this Spring

Whether your Houston roofing is old and worn or you believe you’ve sustained Houston spring weather roof damage, a professional roof inspection is the best way to identify and address your roof’s condition. Call our Houston roofers to schedule this important maintenance item so you can rest easy knowing your home is protected from the elements.