How Spring Weather Affects Your Houston Roof

How Spring Weather Affects Your Houston Roof

Spring seems to be a favorite season among many Houstonians because it’s warm again, the sun is shining bright, and although some days are dreadfully humid, we do get to enjoy less humid days as well. With the rain that comes down on us, we can enjoy seeing the grass and trees radiate vibrant green once again, we notice that flowers are getting ready to bloom soon, and spring means we are that much closer to summer vacation, pool days, and grilling. As wonderful as it is to be optimistic about the weather, spring rain in Houston can quickly turn from a light drizzle to a heavy downpour and your roof will be affected by it. Here’s how.

Spring Rain Damage

Spring weather primarily affects your roof because of the rain that comes with it. Roofs naturally weaken as they age, and in an older roof, excess rain will very easily weaken shingles to a point that they dip and sag.

Wind and Hail Roof Damage in the Spring

A dipping and sagging roof occurs when the shingles are no longer firm and sturdy. Remember, spring is notorious for bringing hail storms to Houston and hail, which forms in windy updrafts in the cloud layer, so if hail falls onto a damp, sagging roof, it will inflict further damage quickly and effortlessly. Wind, which can become rather strong in the middle of a Houston spring rainstorm, may blow garden decor or stray debris, such as twigs and branches, onto the roof, puncturing it and creating a leaking roof. Unfortunately, a leak may go unnoticed in your attic for a while until it finds a way out through a light fixture or a corner in your kitchen. 

Have Amstill Inspect Your Houston Roof to Determine If It Has Been Damaged

In our 40+ years of experience, we have found that damage that seems minor at first will quickly worsen. If left unaddressed for too long, once minor damages, such as a few weak shingles or a tiny leak, may become devastating and may call for an early roof replacement. If we had completed some prior roof repairs instead, then we would have been able to reinforce your roof so it lasts longer. In an attempt to avoid this, we recommend you contact us for a free inspection. We will thoroughly investigate your siding, shingles, gutters, and flashing, and may also recommend an internal inspection. Depending on our findings we may recommend a roof replacement or some easy repairs to ensure your roof can handle the current spring weather and the upcoming summer weather.