Roof Replacement

Pearland roof replacement featuring DaVinci slate tiles

Benefits of DaVinci Slate for your Pearland Roof Replacement

Choosing to invest in a Pearland roof replacement is a chance to protect your home and improve its curb appeal. While budget-friendly asphalt shingles are the most popular choice among homeowners, there are other options available that offer an elevated sense of both beauty and durability. If you’re looking for a more high-end look that will also last twice as long as other materials on the market, then consider DaVinci Roofing products. Our Houston roof experts carry these tiles because they believe they are the best engineered roof tiles on the market and therefore recommend them to our customers. If you want to upgrade your home by installing an engineered slate roof, you should take the time to learn more about what sets DaVinci roof tiles apart from other engineered roof tile products.

DaVinci Roof Tiles Are the Superior Choice for your Pearland Roof Replacement

High-quality engineered roof shingles have become increasingly popular in recent years, but DaVinci roof shingles outperform other available options due to the company’s longevity, expertise, and material composition. DaVinci Roofing, which has been manufacturing their superior products for over twenty years, create engineered roof tiles that are designed to withstand severe weather conditions like summer heat, icy winter temperatures, and heavy winds and rain. When other engineered roof tiles are exposed to extreme weather, they are known to fade, warp, and become brittle over time. But because of the superior protection and beauty DaVinci roof tiles provide, they aren’t susceptible to these issues.

Natural Slate Roof Versus DaVinci Engineered Slate Roof 

Slate roof shingles have been popular for decades due to their modern, simple elegance accompanied by the warmth of natural stone. But despite their beauty and exceptionally long life (there are structures built as early as the 4th century that still don their original slate roofs), the natural slate roof shingle is remarkably heavy and porous. In fact, a slate roof tile is typically 6 times heavier than an asphalt shingle, so roof structures have to be designed to hold them without buckling. Also, natural slate contains tiny fissures that can collect and trap precipitation. Should that precipitation freeze, then thaw, it can cause these fissures to expand and contract, weakening the slate roof shingle and its ability to protect your home. 

DaVinci slate roof tiles, however, look exactly like natural stone without the weight or porosity that can cause damage from freeze and thaw cycles. DaVinci roofing is lightweight, comes in a variety of widths and colors, and is resistant to fading and cracking.  And thanks to realistic chiseling and color choices, it’s nearly impossible to tell the difference between a natural stone shingle and a DaVinci slate roof tile.

Ask About DaVinci Roofing For Your Houston Roof Replacement

If you’re interested in using DaVinci for your Pearland roof replacement project, schedule an appointment with Amstill. We’ll send a highly-qualified Pearland roofer to your home to offer your a free inspection and estimate, after which we’ll provide you with more information regarding these beautiful, natural-looking slate roof tiles. Not only will DaVinci slate tiles turn heads, but they’ll also protect your home for decades with little to no maintenance. If you’re working on a budget, we offer flexible financing options and can even help you file a claim with your homeowners insurance. Invest in your home’s value by using DaVinci roofing products for your Pearland roof replacement.