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Avoid Roofing Construction with Spring Break

While the kids are away on their spring break, you can have the house all to yourself. Or you can have our roofers come to your home and begin their work while the house is empty. We promise to take care of your home in no more than two days. Almost all of our roofing projects are completed in one day.

Spring break in Texas ranges anywhere between March 10-18 or March 17-25. Now is the time to find out when your teenagers and college kids are heading out of town for their spring break trip. Once you find out when they’re leaving, schedule a time for our roofers to come conduct either roof repairs or a roof replacement.


No one likes to hear workers walking on the roof and putting shingles and nails down, but it’s what has to be done in order to complete a brand new roof. Making sure the kids are gone will ensure fewer people will have to deal with the noise. If anything, you can feel free to go on vacation too. We will take care of your home quickly and safely.

We have been building roofs since 1974 and the most trusted roofer in Houston. We have earned the trust of all of our clients and they know we will always do a great job for them, and if anything ever goes wrong, they can always come to our family run business.


Worry-free roofing is what Amstill Roofing specializes in. Regardless of the roofing need, our roofing experts will quickly and professionally take care of any roofing problem, whether that requires a roof replacement or simply a roof repair. Once you come back home from vacation, or the kids come back home, you will come back to a beautiful new roof. Contact our roofing company today and schedule your roof replacement, roof repair, or a free roof inspection.