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Beautiful Weather Deserves a New Roof

Spring is only a couple weeks away, which means two things: pollen and beautiful weather. Let’s focus on the latter. And speaking of latters (or ladders), it’s time to get on top of your roof and see if it’s time for a Houston roof replacement. We aren’t suggesting you personally climb to the top of your roof. Let our roofing professionals take care of that.

Our roof experts will conduct a complete and free roof inspection to gauge the health of your roof. If your shingles are nearing the 20-year anniversary, then chances are you need new shingles. This is what we call a roof replacement. Hopefully the only problems with your old roof are old shingles. But there could be other issues, like breaks or cracks in the structure of your roof. If this is the case, then water can seep into your attic, causing some major issues that could result in interior damage and high costs.


For the moment, the weather looks to normalize. During the month of March, most of the days should be quite pleasant. Now is the time to schedule a roof replacement.

Our Amstill Roofing contractors have been performing roof replacements and roof repairs since 1974 and have installing roofs down to a science. Most of our roof replacements are conducted in one day, with the rare exceptions of two days at most. Our goal is to make sure you are completely satisfied with your roof, but also with our service. We always perform our work at the highest level of professionalism and in a very timely manner.


If your home is in need of a roof replacement, then contact our Houston roofing company today. We look forward to providing you with a spectacular roof for the long term.