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Broken and cracked Houston roof shingles covered in sleet from cold weather roof damage

How Cold Weather Affects Your Houston Roof

While Houston is better known for its scorching hot and humid summers rather than its mild winters, that doesn't mean our winters aren’t still responsible for causing damage to your roof. In this roofing article, we will explain some of the damage your Houston roof is prone to as colder temperatures and the winter approaches.

Water Roof Damage

Although the rainy season is just about over, we still experience some showers in Houston during the winter. Paired with cooler temperatures, these showers often turn into freezing rain showers, which can seriously damage your Houston roof. This is because the freezing rain can build up in your gutters, which tends to block your gutter system and prevent it from doing its job.

If the rain freezes, eventually it will have to melt, and once it melts, the water is likely to flow underneath and in between your roof shingles. This becomes all the more likely with a blocked gutter system, resulting in leaks and even mold growth under your roof and inside your attic.

Overnight Freezes

It’s not rare for our temperatures to reach freezing or even below freezing in the middle of the night. Even though this is more common in late December or in January, weather experts are anticipating one tonight! This freeze on your roof, whether it comes with ice or not, may make your roof shingles more brittle and prone to cracking or breakage. Further, if your roof shingles aren't reinforced during the winter, you may notice your house isn't staying as warm, which will cause a spike in your energy bill.

Wind Damage

We very rarely have snow days, but we definitely have windy days. Cold, harsh winds in the winter can blow underneath loosened rooftop shingles (loosening occurs as your roof ages and get weathered down over the years) and blow them off of your roof. It becomes even more damaging when this wind is paired with the occasional sleet.

Get A Houston Roof Inspection As Winter Approaches

It's imperative that you get your roof checked as soon as possible now that we are entering the colder season. At Amstill Roofing, we offer free roof inspections so we can climb onto your roof and carefully assess its integrity, so please be sure to contact us so you’re well-aware of your roof’s current condition. If there is any damage from previous winters, we will complete the necessary Houston roof repairs.