Houston roofing under the summer sun and vulnerable to Houston roof damage.

Houston Roof Damage to Expect This Summer

Summertime brings thoughts of great weather and relaxed afternoons spent with friends and loved ones. But for homeowners, this is not a season to become complacent with the state of their Houston roofing. Indeed, the entire duration of summer falls under hurricane season, and even sunny skies can cause as much Houston roof damage as the most powerful storm. This is why our Houston roof experts recommend that you be on the lookout for the different ways your Houston roofing can take damage this summer.

Hurricane Roof Damage Can Ruin Your Summer

Hurricane season on the Gulf Coast officially lasts from the first day of June all the way to the end of November, a period that encapsulates the entire summer season. With hurricanes, freak storms, and weather events becoming more common and more powerful over the last few years, this is a time of great risk for your Houston roofing. Hurricane roof damage can come in any number of ways. Hailstones and any debris carried by strong storm winds can cause impact damage on your roof, cracking or breaking tiles or shingles, causing roof leaks, or perhaps even compromising your roof’s structural integrity. Even without hail or debris, wind alone can strip the tiles and shingles of your home and cause storm roof damage.

Clear Skies Don’t Always Bring Clear Sailing for Houston Roof Damage

Even a clear, cloudless day can be a threat to your Houston roofing. Your roof tiles or shingles can crack or warp from being under intense direct sunlight. Heat blistering is a delayed form of storm roof damage that can manifest during warm weather. When a previous storm deposits water in between layers of roofing tiles or shingles, this moisture can then expand under high temperatures, causing the tiles or shingles to come apart. When such events occur, and you are forced to seek a contractor for a Houston roof repair or perhaps even a Houston roof replacement, it’s best to seek out a Houston roofer with a track record of experience and integrity.

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