Woman sits in front of fan because house is too hot due too Houston roof damage

Does Your House Feel Too Hot? It Could Be Houston Roof Damage

We’ve been experiencing record-breaking temperatures across the Houston area this summer, with a whopping 14 days in which the mercury reached 100 degrees or more. Only one other year in our city’s recorded history saw more by mid-July, and meteorologists forecast a holding pattern for the unforeseeable future. Given these unusually-oppressive dog days of summer, it stands to reason that many homeowners are struggling to keep their homes as cool and comfortable. But if your home is simply too hot, our current heat wave may not be the only thing to blame: warm or hot interior temperatures can be caused by Houston roof damage. Here, our expert Houston roofers explain how to identify and correct this issue so you don’t have to sweat through the rest of your summer.

Houston Roof Damage Can Lead to High Interior Temperatures

Scorching summer heat and humidity lead to Houston roof damage that often necessitates a Houston roof replacement, such as cracked, warped, or melted shingles. This heat can also lead to severe and unexpected thunderstorms that generate winds strong enough to rip the shingles from your Houston roofing and reduce the protection they provide. 

Another reason your house may feel hot is from damaged roof insulation. Your home’s temperature is regulated in large part by the insulation in your attic, which keeps warmer air out during the summer and colder air out in the winter. Damaged roof insulation, as well as insulation that was installed incorrectly or insufficiently allow the cool air inside to escape your roof, as wel as allow hot air outside to seep in through your attic and into the lower levels of your home. Additionally, Houston roof leaks can cause mold and mildew to grow in your attic and lead to damaged roof insulation. 

Is Houston Roof Damage Preventing Your House from Cooling Properly?

If you find yourself sweating through these summer months no matter how low you set the thermostat, there are a few signs that point to Houston roof damage as the likely culprit: 

  1. You have leaks in your Houston roofing or condensation build-up in your attic.
  2. You see evidence of damaged, buckled, or curling shingles, usually from hail or wind damage. Shingles that don’t lie flat against your roof cannot protect your home and may signal the need for a Houston roof replacement
  3. You have missing shingles, which not only allow heat to enter and cool air to escape through your roof, but also puts those parts of your Houston roofing at risk for further deterioration.
  4. You notice the presence of extra space or gaps between your roof and ceiling coupled with damp, discolored, or damaged insulation. These are signs of a Houston roof leak, as well as mold development, a serious health hazard.

Stay Cool this Summer with Amstill’s Trusted Houston Roofers

If you believe your home has sustained Houston roof damage, call our Houston roof experts as soon as possible. This summer’s extreme temperatures aren’t only uncomfortable, but can also be quite dangerous. This isn’t the year to risk your health by delaying the need for repairs or a full Houston roof replacement. Our Houston roofers offer free, professional inspections, which are designed to reveal any potential problems plaguing your Houston roofing. Should we uncover Houston roof damage, we’ll work to find the best solution for you and your home. Stay safe and cool this summer with Amstill!