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Home in need of roof repair due to mising shingles

Hedwig Village Roof Repairs You Should Get in the Winter

Winter roof damage is just as real a threat to your home as that experienced during the rest of the year. But perhaps because Houston tends to experience mild winters, many homeowners overlook the danger of cold weather roof damage, resulting in serious problems for your property. Our Houston roof experts recommend winter-specific roof repairs to extend the life of your roof and also give our Hedwig Village roofer an opportunity to assess its condition. This can be especially helpful if you’re unaware of damage so severe that it necessitates a Hedwig Village roof replacement, thereby preventing the potential for extensive interior damage as well. Even simple Hedwig Village roof repair warrants your immediate attention or you could be dealing with more serious issues later on.

Signs of Winter Roof Damage That Requires Hedwig Village Roofing Repair

Water Damage and Roof Leaks

Heavy rain is common in our area, which is known to cause leaks, especially if your Hedwig Village roofing is already damaged due to age or weather. The most problematic leaks are those that go unnoticed, leading to water damage you can’t see until it’s too late. The best way to prevent this issue is to schedule a roof inspection with our Houston roof experts, who can look for signs of weak spots in your Hedwig Village roofing, as well as signs of  water damage that may have gone unnoticed. 

Wind Damage

Cold fronts become stronger and more frequent this time of year, bringing winds that are known to damage your Hedwig Village roofing. Buckled shingles and displaced flashing are the most prominent signs of wind damage, and both require immediate repair. Otherwise, your property could be at risk for further Hedwig Village roof damage or even lead to a Hedwig Village roof replacement.

Clogged Gutters

Clogged gutters are a significant threat to your Hedwig Village roofing, as they clog downspouts, preventing precipitation flowing properly and pooling instead along your roofline. When this happens, your shingles become soggy, impeding their ability to protect your home. If your gutters haven’t been cleaned in a while, this increases the likelihood that damage is already present and signals the need for Hedwig Village roof repair.

Identify Needed Hedwig Village Roof Repair with a Roof Inspection

A professional Hedwig Village roof inspection should be conducted twice yearly in order to identify existing issues and determine if your home requires winter roof repair. The arrival of cooler temps and the threat of upcoming winter storms mean that waiting until your Hedwig Village roof damage is severe could spell trouble for you and your property. If our inspection reveals the need for Hedwig Village roofing repairs or a Hedwig Village roof replacement, you can count on our Houston roof experts to guide you through this process and offer detailed and appropriate recommendations based on your needs, budget, and timeline.

Trust Amstill with your Hedwig Village Roof Damage Repairs 

We’ve built a reputation as the most reliable and trustworthy Hedwig Village roof repair company because we have the knowledge and experience to identify damage other companies may overlook, as well as offer superior and sturdy Hedwig Village roof repair. If you suspect winter roof damage is plaguing your property and may need either Hedwig Village roof repairs or a Hedwig Village roof replacement, call us today to schedule a free inspection and give us the opportunity to take one more thing off your plate this new year.