Homeowner's hands holding hailstones that damaged their Tomball roof

Tomball Hail Damage After a Rainstorm: Signs Your Tomball Roof Has Sustained Hail Damage

Although the worst of Houston’s hail season takes place between March and May, it is still possible for hurricanes–or rainstorms during the hurricane season–to bring along some hail as well. If it does hail, knowing the signs of damage is important for you to file a claim with your homeowner’s insurance and receive some coverage for Tomball roof replacement or Tomball roof repair.

Signs of Tomball Roof Hail Damage

Although we recommend you inspect your gutters and siding, it’s always best to seek a professional’s trained eyes as well. However, here are some of the telltale signs your roof has undergone hail damage that you as a homeowner can spot, as well as other ones we can spot by conducting a thorough Tomball roof inspection. 

Signs of Tomball Hail Damage Your Gutters and Downspouts

Check for any dents in your gutters and downspouts. Contrary to popular belief, a small piece of hail can inflict damage; it only needs to be as small as a quarter. Have a look in your gutters to see if you discover any shingle granules. Hail can very easily chip your shingles, causing the granules to fall into your gutters.

Signs of Tomball Roof Damage Caused By Hail Hitting Your Shingles

When it comes to your shingles, it may be a bit harder to spot any damage, but rest assured that when we conduct our free inspections, our trained eyes catch onto every bit of damage. Most often, we’ll find several areas on your shingles that are missing granules. Granules not only make your roof more appealing by blending natural colors with their surroundings, but they also serve as an extra layer of protection so the underlying fiberglass isn’t damaged right away. As mentioned before, you may notice granules in your gutters, but if not, this is why we happily climb onto your roof for you to determine if you’re in need of Tomball roof repair or Tomball roof replacement.

Amstill Roofing Can Assess and Fix Tomball Hail Roof Damage

If a rainstorm accompanied by hail recently took place in your neighborhood, then please contact us for a free roof inspection. We’ll carefully examine your Tomball roof for the slightest signs of damage and help you file a claim with your insurance company so they can offer some coverage for us to complete a Tomball roof repair or Tomball roof replacement.