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Storm-Proof Your Pearland Roofing: Getting Ready for the Late Summer

Hurricane peak season is fast approaching, so it’s time to prepare your Pearland roofing to withstand the heavy rains and high winds. Not all roofs will sustain the same level of damage; some will be hit worse than others. It all depends on how well you storm-proof your roof before the summer hurricanes arrive. Amstill Roofing will help you get your home ready so you and your family can stay safe. You can rely on our time-tested perfection even during harsh weather.

Precautionary Steps You Can Take as a Homeowner

Houston roof experts don’t recommend that you go up your Pearland roofing yourself to get it ready for later summer storms. This is a safety hazard even if you have some roofing knowledge. Instead, you can take some precautionary measures from the safety of the ground.

Purchase Hurricane Tarps

It’s good to have tarps in the house for emergency Pearland roof damage situations. You never know when flying debris can leave a hole in your roof in the middle of a storm. Placing a tarp while waiting for your roofer to arrive will minimize storm roof damage by reducing the amount of water that enters your home.

Clean Out Your Gutters

When the weather is good, you must make sure that your gutters are clean and free of debris. Having a properly functioning drainage system is one of the best ways to prevent flooding inside your home during a thunderstorm. If your gutters are clogged, then rainwater does not drain and will instead enter your house.

Trim Your Tree Branches

Flying debris is a leading cause of holes and cracks in your Pearland roofing shingles. The initial impact alone could cause your roof to cave in. Your roof may not be able to withstand the weight and eventually collapse. To lessen the chances of debris hitting your roof, start trimming overhanging tree branches on your property. Keeping your yard clear is one of the ways to reduce hurricane roof damage.

Request a Roofing Service From Professionals

The best way to storm-proof your Pearland roofing is to schedule a roof inspection from the professionals. Amstill Roofing offers roof inspections for free. During our visit, we will make sure your roof is in top shape so that you have peace of mind during hurricane peak season. We fix the following and more:

  • Missing, damaged, or loose shingles
  • Clogged gutters and downspouts
  • Leaks and stains inside the home
  • Rotting of roofing materials
  • Poor insulation system
  • Other damaged roofing parts (flashing, soffit boards, fascia, edges, and more)

Schedule a Pearland Roofing Service Today!

This storm season, get your roof ready with Amstill Roofing’s time-tested perfection. We are a family-owned and operated company that lives by honor, integrity, and strength in the thousands of roofing jobs that we do. Since 1974, we have been proudly serving Texas so we are experienced in all kinds of Pearland roofing situations. We let our roofing track record speak for itself. Contact us today to learn more and request a free inspection!