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Is Your Pearland Roofing Hurricane Ready?

Homeowners know the importance of protecting what’s most valuable to them, so it’s time to take extra precaution as hurricane season arrives. Storms in Texas bring about wind speeds that reach 100 mph and more, causing us anxiety of whether our roofs are strong enough. Amstill Roofing seeks to give you peace of mind through our time-tested perfection. Through our Pearland roofing services, we help you get your roof hurricane-ready. Below are some tips on how to prepare for this rainy season.

The Importance of Getting Your Roof Hurricane-Ready

Professionals recommend reinforcing your roof to prevent Pearland roof damage. You shouldn’t wait for the problem to arise, especially if it’s avoidable. Consider booking a Pearland roofing service from Amstill Roofing. We work on thousands of roofs every year, providing repair and replacement services to both residential and commercial clients. By preventing damage, you save on thousands of dollars on repair costs while protecting your investments. Hurricanes are a big inconvenience, but you can lessen risks through proper home maintenance.

Start by Securing Your Shingles

Your Pearland roofer will make sure to nail down any loose shingles. They will replace damaged shingles and those with granule loss. Securing your shingles is important because they are your first line of defense against hurricanes. Even if only one shingle is broken, you should fix it immediately. This type of damage can snowball into a much bigger headache this hurricane season.

Check for Leaks

Using a process we’ve perfected, Amstill Roofing will get to the root cause of any leaks you may have around the house. Doing so prevents any further water damage when a hurricane hits. We will check your attic for holes or cracks that can let moisture in. If you notice brown or yellow stains in your home, then it’s time to contact Houston roofers near me.

Unclog Your Gutters

During a Pearland roofing service, your gutters will be cleaned out to make sure your drainage is working properly. All debris is removed to prevent flooding inside your home. Your flashing will also be reinforced to keep everything dry. A fully functioning drainage system prevents a range of water problems in your home.

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Want to get your roof hurricane-ready? Contact Amstill Roofing where we take pride in our time-tested perfection. We are a family-owned and operated company that is guided by honor, integrity, and strength. Having been in the business since 1974, we have both experience and a proven roofing track record under our belt. Thousands of clients later, we’re still going strong with our Pearland roofing repair and replacement services. Contact us today for a free quote!