Woman calling for Sugarland emergency roof leak repair and catching the leak in a bowl

Emergency Sugar Land Roof Leaks During Hurricane Season

With more tropical storms brewing throughout the Atlantic and the recent increase in storm activity, wind and excessive rainwater have to go somewhere. This post explains what may cause a Sugar Land roof leak and how to handle an emergency situation.

Excess winds can toss around debris and loose objects in your yard, causing your roof to become punctured. This can lead to leaks that go unnoticed until they become severe and drain into your house. Often times, leaks are caused by not taking the time to perform proper preventative maintenance or a critter infestation.

If You Spot A Leak, Deal With It ASAP!

Since we are right in the middle of the hurricane season, you should contact Amstill Roofing immediately if you notice a leak. We will be more than happy to make our way to your house and solve the problem as soon as possible. In the meantime, here’s what you can do:

  • Control the leak with stockpots and bowls, any buckets you may have, or even your outdoor trash bin. 
  • If you see bulging anywhere in the walls, we recommend poking a small hole in the middle to let the leak drain. This way you are also able to collect it before it tears through your entire wall
  • Don’t panic! This may be a stressful situation, but it’s best to remain calm so you can be proactive about handling the leak until our Sugar Land roofers can arrive.

Finding the Source of Your Houston Roof Leak

This is the hardest part when dealing with a leak. Just because the water is coming from a corner in your walls does not mean it formed there. If you can figure it out, that’s great! But if not, rest assured that our Sugar Land roofer, with 40 years of experience, can determine that for you with a Sugar Land roof inspection.

Amstill Roofing Can Complete Emergency Roof Repair

Once you see a leak, please contact us so we can quickly address it and conduct a thorough Sugar Land roof inspection. If you have a leak, then Sugar Land roof repairs are absolutely necessary. We will happily complete affordable Sugar Land roof repairs and even help you make a weather-related insurance claim.