Storm Damage News

dripping water is the sign of a dangerous Kingwood roof leak that should never be ignored.

Dangers of Ignoring Kingwood Roof Leak Damage

Our area has seen a great deal of severe weather and heavy rainfall this spring, which means your home may have been impacted. If your roof has sustained the type of Kingwood roof damage that has led to a roof leak, it needs to be addressed immediately. Ignoring Kingwood roof leak damage can lead to serious problems for your home, many of which will result in expensive repairs that you might be able to avoid by fixing the problem early. Here we’ll reveal the common reasons Kingwood roof leak damage forms and what you can do to correct it, as well as when to call the best Houston roofer near me and schedule a professional Kingwood roof inspection. 

Formation of Roof Leaks Near Me 

Kingwood roofing that is more than 10 years old and/or has not been well-maintained is more likely to develop a roof leak. This is because damaged shingles often feature loose spaces that allow water to easily penetrate into your home, especially during the types of heavy rainfall we’ve seen this spring. If you find yourself asking, “has the rain been heavy enough to cause a roof leak near me?” consider the age of your Kingwood roofing, as well as its condition. It’s important to note that moisture can also enter other access points, such as your chimney, vents, and flashing. These roofing components become damaged if they have been overlooked or are starting to wear down, making them more susceptible to Kingwood roof leak damage. 

Spotting Roof Leaks Near Me

While some Kingwood roof leak damage is obvious, such as when you notice visible dripping water from your ceiling or walls, not all leaks are visible. Small leaks can cause Kingwood roof damage in the interiors of your home without your knowledge. If these unaddressed leaks continue for long, you’re looking at expensive and extensive repairs to correct the issue. Should you notice brown and yellow stains on your ceilings and walls, or mold and moss growth near or on the roof these are signs of trapped moisture due to Kingwood roof leak damage. Another sign of existing or potential roof leaks near me is inadequate insulation, in which case it’s time to have our Houston roof experts inspect your Kingwood roofing.  

Tips for Solving Kingwood Roof Leaks

The best way to protect your home from Kingwood roof leak damage is to keep up with all necessary maintenance, especially after a storm. Even new Kingwood roofing can still sustain leaks after severe weather like what was seen in our area last week. As soon as you spot a Kingwood roof leak, contact our Houston roof experts so we can conduct a thorough roof inspection. Sometimes this inspection reveals the need for a Kingwood roof replacement, while others only require Kingwood roof repair. Either way, we’ve got you covered!

Schedule Kingwood Roof Leak Repair Today

If Kingwood roof leak repair is necessary, Amstill Roofing’s superior Houston roofing services can protect your home and family before the threat for more severe weather arrives. We are a family-owned and operated company that has been proudly serving Texas since 1974. Guided by the principles of honor, integrity, and strength, we help protect our community from the dangers of Houston's wild weather. Call us to schedule a free roof inspection near me today and ensure your family is protected tomorrow.