Protect Your Houston Home With Roof Replacement

Roof replacement for your aging or damaged Houston roof is imperative to protecting your home from Houston’s extreme weather. The brutal heat, heavy rains, hail storms, and hurricanes common to the Greater Houston area can cause storm roof damage, thus leading to serious damages to other parts of your home.

A common mistake Houston and Katy homeowners often make is waiting too long to replace their old roof. This is usually due to the fact that they are hoping to save money by not replacing their roof immediately. Unfortunately, what usually ends up happening is these homeowners end up having to pay even more, because now they not only have to pay for a roof replacement, but also for repairs to other parts of their home caused by improper roof protection.

Choose The Right Kind Of Shingles

When looking to replace a roof, the type of roof shingles you choose makes a big difference. The following are shingles that our Houston roofing company recommends:

  • CLAY SHINGLES: Shingles made from clay are the best at deflecting heat, as they do not absorb heat like other shingles do. This is especially beneficial during Houston’s brutal summers. Clay shingles keep your attic cooler, thus keeping your entire home cooler. As a result, your air conditioning unit doesn’t have to work as hard, saving you money on energy bills.
  • LIGHT COLORED SHINGLES: When it comes to choosing the composition of the shingles, thicker is better. Architectural shingles are the thickest, and carry a 50-year warranty, followed by laminate shingles (30-50 year warranty), and 3-tab shingles (20-year warranty). Regardless of which you choose, we here at Amstill Roofing recommend choosing light colored shingles, as they are more effective at deflecting heat than dark colored ones. In addition, because they deflect heat so well, light colored shingles also help in reducing energy usage.

Contact Amstill Roofing For Your Roof Replacement

At Amstill Roofing, protecting your home is our number one priority. Although roof replacement may seem like a huge investment, protecting your home is worth the cost. In addition, if you choose the right shingles, roof replacement can actually save you money in the long run. Therefore, contact our Houston roofing company to set up a free inspection of your roof. One of our roofing experts will determine the health of your roof and advise you on which roof will best protect your home.