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Roof rot in decking that requires Houston roof replacement

Damaged Roof Deck? You Might Need Houston Roof Replacement

When homeowners think of roof damage and Houston roof replacement, they typically think of damage to the exterior, particularly on the roof shingles and flashing, but did you know that your home can also sustain interior Houston roof damage? One type of roof damage we often see is damage to the decking in the form of roof rot–which can take place on the interior and on the exterior. In this article, we will explain what roof rot is, as well as both types of roof decking damage and how our Houston roof experts can help. 

What Is Roof Rot?

Roof rot takes place when the wooden roof decking that lies beneath your roof shingles quite literally rots due to excessive moisture. The decking cannot be repaired and must, instead, be replaced. In some cases, the damage is so severe that you require a complete Houston roof replacement in addition to replacement decking.

Houston Roof Deck Damage From Excessive Storm Damage

It’s no secret that storms are notorious for causing severe Houston roof damage, especially during the hurricane season when winds are fierce. Strong winds like those we experience during the hurricane season tend to rip off loose roof shingles, and when roof shingles are blown off, the underlying layers become exposed and prone to damage from rain and/or hail, which causes leaks in your home. After further storm damage, this material starts to break down and your decking retains moisture, resulting in roof rot. 

Houston Roof Deck Damage Due To Poor Attic Insulation

When exterior damage to your roof isn’t the case, roof rot may occur due to interior Houston roof damage–particularly from within your attic. Attics tend to be very warm and humid without sufficient ventilation, which not only raises your energy bill, but also allows moisture to accumulate and destroy your roof decking from the inside out and risking the effectiveness of your roof shingles. This may result in the need for Houston roof replacement as soon as possible.

Think Your Roof Decking Is Damaged? Contact Our Houston Roof Experts For A Free Roof Inspection

Damaged decking must be replaced as quickly as possible. Left unaddressed, you will be in need of a Houston roof replacement. If you would like to know what condition your roof decking is in, then please contact us for a free Houston roof inspection. We will thoroughly inspect your roofing and determine if you do, in fact, need a Houston roof replacement due to excessive roof rot. Over 90% of our Houston roof replacement jobs are completed within a day, so you can rest assured that restoring your roof in a timely manner is a priority!