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squirrels damaging Richmond roof and leading to roof replacement

Critter Roof Damage May Call For A Richmond Roof Replacement

Fall is upon us, which means cooler weather is on its way. But as temperatures drop, animals and other pests often look for places to avoid the elements, and oftentimes it could be in your home by way of your roof, creating critter roof damage. When that happens, it can be severe enough to warrant a Richmond roof replacement.

How Do Critters Cause Richmond Tx Roof Damage?

There are a number of critters that can cause Richmond roof damage, such as squirrels, raccoons, rats, and possums. They can gnaw and chew along the surface of your roof, causing access to the interior of your home. Once this happens, they can settle in your attic and breed, causing a larger population to cause even more critter roof damage. Not only can these pests make themselves at home in your attic, where they can chew through wires, insulation, floorboards, and drywall, but the initial damage they caused to your roof in order to enter your home is now exposed to the weather. If left unnoticed or unresolved, this deterioration of your roof’s integrity will require a Richmond roof replacement. 

How Can I Tell If Critters Have Caused Richmond, Texas Roof Damage?

There are many signs of critter roof damage that you should look out for. If you see any of these things, you probably have some unwanted guests in your attic, and that means it’s time to call our Houston roof experts to see if you need a Richmond roof replacement:

  • The sight or smell of droppings and/or urine 
  • Ripped air ducts in your attic
  • Shifted or disturbed insulation
  • Sounds of scurrying, knocking, squeaking, or scratching
  • Odd and unpleasant odors
  • Nests made from sticks, leaves, twigs, and other natural elements

When Does Critter Roof Damage Warrant a Richmond, TX Roof Replacement?

Even if you catch critter roof damage early on and attempt to repair it, sometimes your Richmond roof damage is too severe, resulting in the need for our Houston roof experts to complete a Richmond roof replacement for you. However, a brand new roof means that the structure has renewed integrity and is at its sturdiest, making it a lot harder for critters and weather to destroy it.

Our Houston Roof Experts Are Here When You Need a Richmond Tx Roof Replacement

If you suspect critters have caused your Richmond roof damage, it’s time to contact Amstill Roofing today for a free inspection. We’ll examine the extent of the damage and make our recommendations from there. Should our Houston roof experts determine you need a Richmond roof replacement, our highly skilled team will provide an estimate, help you choose the right materials, and schedule a time to get your new roof installed so as to prevent any more unwanted house guests!