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How Old Is Your Houston Roof?

How Old Is Your Houston Roof?

Since 2014, Houston has seen a major boom in population growth. In fact, our great city ranked No.2 in the nation for most people added in 2017. When the growth of the Houston metropolitan area is considered for the past seven years, it ranks No. 4 in the nation. 

Recently, the growth has started to slow down a bit, but Houston still remains a national hotbed for population growth, and Amstill Roofing is as busy as ever, despite the fact that new housing projects are not as prevalent as before. This is due to the fact that with approximately 7 million people in the Greater Houston area, there are plenty of homes that need roof repair or new roofs. As one of Houston’s most trusted roofing contractors, we advise homeowners to replace their roof once it hits the 20-year mark, or when the warranty is up.

Hitting The 20-Year Milestone

When it comes to roofs, 20 is a very significant number. When your roof hits this age, you should seriously consider marking this milestone with a roof replacement. Assessing the overall health of your roof can often be done without having to get on your roof. If you notice missing shingles, dents, or shingles that seem to blend into one another, these are all telltale signs that your roof has weakened and aged substantially.

Even if your roof looks ok from the ground, it may still have several underlying issues. This is why our Houston roofing company recommends having one of our professional roofing experts conduct a free, no strings attached inspection of your roof. During this thorough inspection, we will check for things such as: storm roof damage, strength and durability of shingles, and areas that allow for standing water and rot, to name a few.

Set Up A Roof Inspection With Amstill Today

Although a roof may look fine at the 20-year mark, old roofs can easily start to fall apart and no longer be able to protect your home. To take a chance on an old roof will likely only lead to major issues in the near future. Therefore, if it has been a long time since you’ve had a new roof, contact us today to set up a free roof inspection.