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Rain pouring on an old roof

The Role of Roof Age in Hurricane Resistance

Have you noticed that some roofs in your neighborhood seem to be in better shape than others after a storm? As we’re in the peak of hurricane season, it’s important to make sure that your roof can withstand whatever damage comes your way. Amstill Roofing specializes in fortifying your roof so your family is safe despite the bad weather. You can rely on our time-tested perfection. Even if you have aging Friendswood roofing, we’ll make sure to give the right recommendations. Learn more about what to expect during hurricane season if you have an old roof.

You Experience Shingle Problems

Aging causes wear and tear to your shingles or the first line of defense of your Friendswood roofing. Over time, you’ll notice your shingles curling and becoming loose. When strong winds hit your area, your old shingles can easily be blown off. Aging shingles also absorb moisture more easily than new ones. As rain falls on your roof, your old shingles are prone to rotting and mold growth. In such cases, Amstill Roofing will recommend a Friendswood roof replacement so you’re protected this hurricane season.

Roofing Materials Deteriorate

In older roofs, you’ll notice the Friendswood roofing materials, such as the flashing, soffit boards, and fascia, to be more brittle and fatigued. This can create major problems if you’re in the peak of hurricane season. Your roof is more prone to puncture damage from flying debris as well as wind uplift. A storm can create major gaps in an old roof, leaving your family and valuables exposed. Houston roof experts will perform a thorough inspection and make sure all Friendswood roof damage is addressed.

Insulation Efficiency Is Reduced

During hurricane season, it’s important to have a properly functioning insulation system. It would be extremely uncomfortable if the inside of your home feels damp and chilly in the middle of a storm. Because older roofs have some deterioration, they’re unable to insulate your home effectively. You may notice your energy bills increasing, especially during the rainy months. This is a result of your aging underlayment not being able to trap heat properly. Prevent insulation problems by requesting Friendswood roofing services.

Schedule a Friendswood Roofing Service for Your Aging Roof

Don’t let hurricane season get the best of your property; request a Friendswood roofing service today! Even if you have an old roof, Amstill Roofing will work on it with the time-tested perfection we’ve come to be known for. Our family-owned and operated company has been proudly serving Texas with honor, integrity, and strength. We understand the needs of our community, especially during months of harsh weather. Our Houston roofer will get your old roof back in good shape because you deserve peace of mind. Contact us today for a free inspection!