roofing repair by Amstill in Houston area

As Summer Ends, Your Houston Roof Needs Protection Now

August is here and it will be as hot as it will get in the Houston area. Regardless of where you live, this is a time where your roof can take a pummeling from the heat. If your roof is old, then chances are the heat is cutting right through and giving your energy bill what for.

Getting a roof replacement is a necessary part of homeownership and it is typically necessary to have it done every 20 years. For some homeowners who have more expensive shingles, like laminate and architectural shingles, the roofing material can last up to 50 years.

The best way to know whether your roof needs a roof replacement or not is by scheduling one of our roofing experts to come conduct a free and thorough roof inspection. Our experienced roofer will take the time necessary to gauge whether your roof is in good shape for the years and brutal Houston weather ahead.


For residents in the Sugarland, Memorial and Katy areas, as well as all over the Greater Houston area, there seems to be no letup for rough weather. Houston experiences heavy rains, hurricanes, tornadoes, freezes, and droughts throughout any given year. It may keep us prepared for anything that takes place in our city, but it doesn’t help our roofs.

When the intense heat of August subsides, there won’t be much let up, as the heavy rains from the hurricane season continue. Last year was arguably the worst weather Houstonians have ever seen, and possibly will ever see. Make certain that your roof is ready to withstand the heat and the rain. Replacing your roof is pivotal.


Do you know already that your roof isn’t ready for the rest of the year? Then schedule one of our highly trained roofing professionals to come conduct a thorough inspection of your home’s roof. A roof replacement may be exactly what your home needs.