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spring, texas home after successful roof repairs

Spring, Texas Roof Repairs Versus Roof Replacement

Considering we experienced a once-in-a-lifetime winter storm not long before we enter the rainy spring season, you may be wondering if you should get any roof work done to repair past storm damage and reinforce your roof as the seasons change. This is especially true now since hurricane season takes place in late spring, but how do you know whether you need Spring, TX roof repairs or a Spring, TX roof replacement? In this article, our Houston-area roofing company will explain the difference between the two and when you might consider either option. 

Is A Roof Replacement Better Than A Roof Repair?

Some homeowners think it’s better to get a full Spring, Texas roof replacement to guarantee their roof is as damage-free as possible for the next few years, while others believe a few good repairs will be enough until they can afford a roof replacement. The truth is, one is not better than the other and which service you need really depends on the current state of your roof.

How To Know When To Get A Spring, TX Roof Replacement Or Roof Repairs

Our Houston roofer recommends you get Spring, Texas roof repairs if only a handful of shingles are cracked or curled, but have yet to begin affecting the neighboring shingles. 

For example, if we find that a couple of shingles are slightly curled, but have yet to loosen the adjacent shingles, then we may most likely recommend a simple repair.

In contrast, if several shingles are buckling or sunken in, or have curled and lifted several neighboring shingles, then a Spring, Texas roof replacement is vital. If you don’t address this level of roof damage as soon as possible, then you and your family, as well as the rest of your home’s structure are all at greater risk of harm. 

Still Not Sure What You Need? Get A Free Spring, Texas Roof Inspection

Sometimes it’s hard to tell just how much damage your roof has sustained and whether it warrants roof repairs or a replacement, so the best way to know for certain which service your roof needs is by contacting us to get a free roof inspection. During our inspection, we will take a thorough look at your rooftop and check your shingles and flashing for cracking, buckling, excessive water damage, and other signs of roof damage. Once we finish our inspection, we will recommend the appropriate service and proceed with scheduling. If you’re hesitant about the cost, rest assured that we can evaluate your roof if you choose to file a roofing insurance claim or walk you through how to secure roof financing