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Damaged shingles on a roof

Signs of Cinco Ranch Roof Damage

A big part of home maintenance is making sure your roof stays in top shape all year round. When the hurricanes come, the only thing protecting you from the strong winds and heavy rain is your roof. Being mindful of Cinco Ranch roof damage can save you from scary accidents and property destruction. Here are some signs to watch out for.

You Have a Leak Problem

A tell-tale sign that you have Cinco Ranch roof damage is if you notice dripping water from your ceiling or attic. Leaks can also cause brown or yellow stains on your walls that may even look dried up. When there's a hole or crack in any of your roofing layers, it’s time to call Houston roof experts before your moisture problem worsens.

You Have Missing or Damaged Shingles

Notice at least one loose or broken shingle? Prevent your shingle problem from snowballing by booking a Cinco Ranch roof repair. Your shingles are your first line of defense against the harsh Texan weather. As such, they must be kept at a perfect state at all times to keep your home protected.

Your Drainage Isn’t Working Properly

Does water tend to back up in your drains and pipes? It could be caused by gutters clogged by debris, residue, and dirt. When you have clogged gutters, your home is prone to flooding and your roof can even collapse from the weight of excess water. This type of Cinco Ranch roof damage must be addressed immediately before the next storm arrives.

Your Energy Bills Increased

Your roofing and insulation systems are connected to each other. Cinco Ranch roof damage can lead to odd temperatures inside the home with energy bills skyrocketing. In faulty insulation, your home either doesn’t trap enough heat during the cold months or it absorbs too much heat in the dry season. Both of these can be traced back to some kind of damage in one or more of your roofing materials.

You Have Mold Growth

Mold, fungi, and algae growth are common in households that have hidden water damage. They can be present as black or green patches on your shingles, but they can also grow inside your home. They are an extreme health hazard, especially to young children. At the first sign of a mold problem, contact a Cinco Ranch roofer near me.

Solve Cinco Ranch Roof Damage Today!

Does your home have one or more of the issues listed above? Contact Amstill Roofing today to address your Cinco Ranch roof damage. We take pride in our time-tested perfection, which we’ve built in the past five decades of being in the industry. Our family-owned and operated company understands your needs as evident in the thousands of roofs we work on every year. We also let our roofing track record speak for itself. Schedule a free roof inspection with us today!