roofing repair by Amstill in Houston area

I-10 West Strip: Roofing for Memorial, Energy Corridor and Katy

When it comes to the Greater Houston area, there is no place Amstill Roofing won’t go. We love our great big city and we think the residents are the best. It is this love for our city and our customers that drives us to provide the best roofing possible for every homeowner.

For residents in Memorial, the Energy Corridor, and Katy, our professional roofing company is here to make certain your roofs are prepared for any weather and are ensuring your homes are protected. One of the best ways to protect your home is by providing protection to your energy system. If you have an old roof, then chances are your energy system (AC/heating system) is being overworked.


An overworked energy system means higher electric bills and the increased chance that your system will become depleted and will need replacement sooner than it should have. A new roof can be a real energy saver, which saves you money in the short- and long-term.

The reason why it can lower your energy levels is because roofing material is now more energy-friendly. We also utilize methods in our roofing that helps alleviate the possibility of your energy system being overworked. This is because a roof replacement conducted by Amstill Roofing ensures the roof works to deflect heat and the cold, which helps your home keep more of its air conditioning or heating inside.

Residents in Memorial, the Energy Corridor, Katy, and all over the Greater Houston area, know that it gets really hot during the summer, even sometimes when the AC is on. If you have cracks or breaks in your roofing structure, then these problems can be the reason why the AC is providing the relief it is designed to. Our roof repair systems can quickly address these problems in a short period of time. Once these issues are fixed, you should quickly see a difference in your energy usage.


If you have high energy bills, then contact our Houston roofing company today. We will send one of our roof inspectors to your home, free of charge, so that they can conduct a roof inspection to see if your roof is the cause of your high energy bills. We look forward to ensuring your roof is protecting your home.