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Our Houston Roof Experts Tips on Making your Roof Last

We live in a climate where severe weather is known to cause roof damage and significantly shorten the typical lifespan of many Houston roofs. While roofs in other areas with milder weather may survive the average 15-20 year lifespan, Houston roofing is exposed to harsher conditions than elsewhere. The hot summer sun, heavy rains, and hurricanes that often plague the Gulf Coast forces many area residents to invest in a Houston roof replacement earlier than expected. That said, our Houston roof experts are no strangers to these conditions, and have some roof maintenance tips to make your roof last and prevent further damage.  

Making your Houston Roofing Last

Take advantage of this holiday weekend and complete the following tasks, all of which can help keep your Houston roof clean and secure, allowing it to better protect your home.

Keep Gutters Clean

Your gutters could be clogged with leaves, twigs, and other debris, which means they aren’t able to do their job effectively. When a storm rolls through, especially one that brings heavy rain, it should flow over your shingles and then into your gutters, which should then divert the water to the ground below. When they’re clogged, however, the water pools on your roof’s surface, which weakens your shingles and impedes their ability to protect your home. If you discover loose granules in your gutters or downspouts, this usually suggests that it’s time for a Houston roof replacement, as your shingles have severely deteriorated and are no longer effective.

Remove Low-Hanging Branches

When branches hang low and over your roof, you’re putting your home at risk for roof damage. Should heavy winds move through the area or those limbs rot and fall to your roof, the impact can cause significant Houston roof damage. Because well-intentioned homeowners can do more harm than good by trying to remove these limbs themselves, Our Houston roof experts strongly recommend hiring a professional arborist instead.

Clean Shingles

Over time, our humid climate can cause moss growth on the surface of your Houston roofing, which can trap moisture to your roof’s surface. This leads to shingle deterioration and an unsightly green tint. While determining the underlying cause of the moss growth is imperative, you should also take a trip to your nearest hardware store to buy a special cleaning solution designed to gently remove it. This solution should be applied and rinsed gently so you don’t make matters worse by scrubbing at your shingles and causing granule loss.

Maintain Regular Roof Inspections

We recommend you schedule a professional roof inspection every six months so that our Houston roof experts can identify possible roof damage and make the best solution for your home and budget before it gets worse. Our roof inspections are thorough and precise, as we never want to overlook something that could put you or your property at risk, which means that sometimes we uncover issues that warrant a Houston roof replacement. If that’s the case, our professional Houston roofers are your best choice for the job.

When to Know It’s Time for a Houston Roof Replacement

Advanced age and/or extensive damage can cause our Houston roof experts to recommend a Houston roof replacement during your inspection. This is usually due to the presence of sagging, buckling or curled shingles, excessive granule loss, or multiple leaks. We’re known as the top Houston roofing contractor thanks to 47 years of experience, highly-skilled professionals, and thousands of satisfied customers. We also complete your work quickly, on time, and on budget. We offer flexible, in-house financing for those who need it and will even help you determine if your homeowners insurance policy may cover all or part of the cost for your Houston roof replacement. 

Amstill Can Help you Maintain your Houston Roof 

We know that a Houston roof replacement is a significant investment, so we want to help make your roof last as long as possible. Your best line of defense against our wild Houston weather is to schedule your free roof inspection with our Houston roof experts every six months. We also offer free estimates for those in the market for a Houston roof replacement, so don’t put off your Houston roof maintenance needs and risk potential roof damage. Call us today!