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Houston Winters Mean More Ice, Water, and Possible Hail Roof Damage

Houston Winters Mean More Ice, Water, and Possible Hail Roof Damage

As we move closer to winter, we want to make sure your Houston roof provides the level of protection that you, your family, and the rest of your home require. You want to be completely sure that your roof is doing its job well, which is why we recommend you get a seasonal inspection before winter officially begins. While some of our customers may not feel the need to worry about Houston's mild weather, the truth is that even our winters can bring water, hail, and wind damage that can compromise your roof.

How Houston's Winter Weather Affects Your Roof

Our winters may not bring blizzards, but your roof can still experience water, hail, and wind damage.

Water and Hail Damage

Freezing rain may not seem like much, but it can cause some serious damage. As rain becomes icier on the colder days, it can set on your gutters and create blockage, which gets in the way of the water your gutters are meant to re-direct away from your roof and siding. On days when Houston experiences heavier rain, it can weigh down your roof and cause cracks in your shingles. As water melts, it could potentially flow into your shingles and cause severe leaks and mold.

Although hail damage is more common between May and September, hail actually forms in storm clouds when those clouds are at or below freezing, which can easily occur during the winter months. Keep in mind that hail only needs to be the size of a quarter to cause substantial damage to your roof.

Wind Damage

Not many Houstonians look forward to the harsh, cold winds we experience at times. If your shingles haven’t been thoroughly checked on, these winds can find their way beneath shingles that have loosened or weakened over time and then blow them off of your roof. One lost shingle creates a chain reaction, and soon the neighboring shingles may also come loose and blow away, compromising the integrity of your entire roof.

Free Roof Inspections Are The Best Measure You Can Take To Extend Your Roof's Life

All of our inspections are free, so you can get them whenever you want as often as you need them. Please contact us so that we can carefully assess your rooftop’s integrity. Our experienced inspectors will determine whether your roof can handle the Houston winter weather, and they will also catch the more subtle signs of aging or damage so we can help ensure your family’s safety.