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Pearland roof that needs repairs due to bald spots and broken roof shingles

When To Get Pearland Roof Repairs

Pearland roof repairs are one of the best ways to promote the longevity of your roof before it’s time for a roof replacement. However, it can be hard to tell if and when you need repairs, so in this article, our Pearland roofing company will offer insight on what you should look out for. These signs will let you know that it’s likely time to get some much-needed repairs. 

Your Roof Is 20 Years Old

In Houston, roofs can last an average of 20 years, but remember that a higher quality roof means that it’s more likely to last longer. If your roof is over 20 years old, then this is a long time frame for plenty of damage to occur.

Your Roof Shingles Are Curled Up

Sturdy shingles in good condition will lay flat against your roof, so when they curl or warp it’s bad news. This usually means that your roof shingles are severely weakened and will no longer offer the protection that your roof needs.

Are You Seeing Bald Spots Across Your Roof?

Bald spots may either occur on individual roof shingles or on larger portions of your roof. Balding on singular shingles usually occurs because things like wind damage, hail damage, and long-term damage tear granules off of your shingles. These granules are what give roof shingles their texture and serve as an additional layer of protection. When the granules are gone, your roof shingles are more prone to heavier, direct damage.

As for bald spots across large areas on your roof, this occurs when strong winds like those during hurricane season rip off your roof shingles. This is even more likely to occur when your roof shingles start to curl, as this makes it easier for the wind to rip them away. If enough roof shingles are missing, this will result in the need for Pearland roof replacement.

Think You Might Be In Need Of Pearland Roof Repairs?

You may be able to check for these signs of Pearland roof damage from an upstairs window or from beneath your roof, but the best way to know for certain if your roof is exhibiting any of these signs is to contact us for a free Pearland roof inspection. This way, we can take an in-depth look at your roof’s current condition and determine whether you need Pearland roof repairs or if you would benefit from a complete replacement.