Striking View Of Two-Story Home With Brand New Roof Replacement In Houston, TX!

14911 Cantor Circle completedSMALL

This wonderful home has a story of inheritance. With the roof being 19-years-old, insurance was also a factor that played a major role in their need for a new roof with there being a time sensitivity in the mix. With the insurance renewal, they knew that Amstill Roofing is no stranger to that name of the game. The mother living out of state, we were able to accommodate a time to meet the both of them by setting up an appointment scheduled during a time she would be in town visiting her son, who lived in the home full time and would eventually be the sole owner in due time. Their main objectives in finding the right roofing contractor were that it had to be a company with great communication skills, provided options for basic/medium/deluxe, decent fair pricing, and timely. After they shopped around for a few estimates from other roofing companies, it was Amstill that was the best fit for their needs and the story has a happy ending to new beginnings! This two-story home, featuring a brand new roof replacement with CertainTeed “Moire Black” colored shingles, is a stunning view, a beautiful home with happy homeowners.